Some quick 3B news about upcoming races

racegainsthungerYesterday I announced to my 4th grade class at Keene Elementary School that we will be having a Race Against Hunger on April 11th and I invited all my friends to participate in raising funds for the cause and also have a fun time racing each other which is going to be really fun! The Action Against Hunger organization is helping me with getting this race going. It’s going to happy on April 11th because that is the start of Global Youth Service Weekend. I’m using my Sodexo Foundation grant to buy water bottles for everyone and also prizes for the top runners and fundraisers. I’m very excited!

I also want to make sure I say thank you to Alpha Phi Omega who met with me and my Mom and my brother and my sister on Sunday to help pack bags. We packed somewhere around 300 bags! I will be delivering a portion to the Emmanuel Dining Room in April and the remaining bags will go to people who run in the upcoming 5K 3B Bolt to End Hunger so they can have an idea if what 3B is all about.

Oh I forgot to tell you! I won a 2014 Governor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award. On April 23rd I’ll be going with my family to Dover, Delaware for a special award ceremony. April is going to be a super busy month!

Also to let you know I have been working on a short story. It’s going to be about zombies. You might not know that this website started because I told my mom I wanted to write scary stories! I didn’t know back then that I would also be writing about real life and Brae’s Brown Bags.

You can read my scary stories from when I was younger here. I hope you like the new one I have planned.

3 thoughts on “Some quick 3B news about upcoming races

  1. That’s great that you want to race to end hunger! So many people think that because we can’t help everybody, we shouldn’t do anything at all. But that’s totally not true! If we ALL do what we can, we will be able to help a whole lot of people 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Braeden, Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

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