3B Summer Celebration 2015

survivor-3b3B Brae’s Brown Bags provides healthy snack bags to homeless and low-income populations. Raising awareness of the foundation will allow 3B to reach more people. In addition 3B attends lectures, meetings, conferences and other events to discuss food insecurity. The goal is to empower all people, but in particular empower youth, to embrace their civic duties and be the voice of positive change in and around their communities.

The 3B Summer Celebration is an annual event hosted by Braeden Mannering to thank the donors, supporters and encouragers who have helped 3B continue to develop and reach more people in need.

The 2nd Annual 3B Summer Celebration will be held on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at the Bear-Glasgow YMCA. This year we will have a silent auction and a bag packing station. We are looking for sponsors, volunteers and folks interested in donating items to the silent auction. We’re incredibly excited to let you know Deerfield Gold Club has already donated an  item for the auction which we know you will love!

Would you like to sponsor the 2nd Annual 3B Summer Celebration? If so, please click here for more information.

Why a “Survivor” theme?

We have learned that obstacles are a given when it comes to food insecurity and poverty. An obstacle is defined as “a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.” We have been jumping them as we try to reach out and help people and learn more. We see low-income and homeless people hit obstacle after obstacle. The fact that healthy food is more expensive and/or has a shorter shelf life is an obstacle. The fact that access to clean water is a privilege is an obstacle. Much like in the TV show Survivor, the people who survive are the ones who successfully got around the obstacles. 3B is all about helping everyone to be able to get around, over, or through obstacles. So it only makes sense that our theme is “Survivor.”

Bear-Glasgow YMCA – is allowing us to use their back pavilion again this year graciously, thank you so much!

93.7 WSTW will be there to provide music and entertainment, so awesome!

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