3B Supporters

thank-youI would like to thank people who have been helping me make bags and the people who support me with supplies and donations.

Thank you to:

NBC Universal and Mazda USA – Mazda Drive 4 Good Winner 2014!

Grandmom and Grandpop Willey,

Aunt Linda and Uncle Ed Hart,

Cathy Kinney,

Katie Hutton,

Cheryl Bush,

my StepDad Brian Stephan,

My Dad Michael Thomas and Stepmom Jennifer Trotman,

Gram and Pop Pop,

my friends at Circle of Friends daycare

Grandpop and Grandmom Stephan,

My Mom Mom and Pop Pop Thomas,

Aunt Gerri and Uncle Bill Irish,

Great Great Aunt Janet,

Margo McDonough,

The Lawson Family,

Senator Tom Carper and his office for helping me with the IRS forms,

the Ministry of Caring,

The Christina School District,

Keene Elementary School,

Senator Bryan Townsend and his fiance Lilianna,

Melissa Ringler,

Senator Bethany Hall-Long,

Lori McCready,

Sarah Barrie,

University of Delaware Food Science Club,

University of Delaware Alpha Phi Omega,

University of Delaware Collegiate 4-H,

The Good Day Philadelphia Team,


Natalie and Jason Ferguson,

Neil Thomas,

Jenny Lisk,

Kelly Woernor,

Mary Husted,

Linda Somers,

Karen Pettinelli,

Jan Owens,

Maria Walueff,

Food Bank of Delaware,


Cat Taylor,

Tanya Steel,

Office of Dr. Howard Schapiro & Associates, Pediatric Dentistry,

Karma for Cara Foundation – microgrant recipient,

Radio Disney,

Do Something,

Jefferson Awards

all of my Facebook and Twitter fans,

and of course my Mom.

7 thoughts on “3B Supporters

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  2. Michele P. Fidance

    We are looking forward to seeing you and having you as our Guest Speaker at the Delaware Students in Action Leadership Conference tomorrow at the University of Delaware.
    Regards, Michele P. Fidance
    National Director, Jefferson Awards Foundation

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  4. Heather Kane

    Hi Brae

    My name is Heather and I recently moved to Deleware from New York City. I read about your amazing organization and action online. I was so impressed when I saw you were going to be a guest at the State of the Union this week, CONGRATS!
    I am writing you to see how I can help. I have been looking for somewhere to volunteer since I moved and I think your idea is something I would love to help with. Do you have anyone helping share food in Wilmington?
    Hope to hear back from you soon and keep up the good work!

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