Multimedia Design Challenge Winners – 2015

Multimedia Design Challenge Winners’ Wall

From Wilmington Montessori School

  • Alexa Donahue, 6th Grade (Poster)
  • Mavis Florence-Bushnell, 6th Grade (Poster)
  • Sarah Breger, 6th Grade (Poster)
  • Kathryn Farabaugh, 5th Grade (Poster)

From Holy Angels School

  • Maggie Pryor, 7th Grade – (Poster)
  • Eileen Griffith, 8th Grade (Poster)
  • Savannah Seemans, 7th Grade (Poster)

From Gauger-Cobbs Middle School

  • Alexis Murphy, 7th Grade (essay)
  • Vanessa Garzon, 7th Grade (essay)

From Marshall Elementary School

  • Jenna Street, 3rd Grade (poster)
  • John “Jack” Handlin, Jr., 1st Grade (poster)

From Ursuline Academy

  • Nina Kegelman, 10th grade (essay)
  • Martha Skehan, 10th grade (essay)
  • Celina Ceballos, 10th grade (poster)
  • Julianna Salak, 10th grade (essay)
  • Carter Vari, 10th grade (poster)
  • Cara Gryzbowski, 10th grade (Youtube)
  • Kayla Larmore, 10th grade (Youtube)

From Sussex Technical School

  • Kaila Muniz, 12th Grade (Poster)
  • Kristie Beyer, 12th Grade (Poster)
  • Kayla Leager, 12th Grade (Poster)

From Girls Inc.

  • Kiara Flowers, 1st Grade (Poster)
  • Destiny Coker, 2nd Grade (Poster)

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