This resolution commends and honors Braeden Quinn Mannering

Where do I even start?

Senator Townsend, Senator Poore and Me
Senator Townsend, Senator Poore and Me

If you follow Brae’s Brown Bags on Twitter or on Facebook then you have probably already heard all about my day at Legislative Hall on Thursday, May 1st. Wow! When we left I told my Mom it was one of the best days of my life, and I have met President Barack Obama. He was cool, too, but this was something unbelievable.

I read a book in school about Delaware and about Legislative Hall. I told my Mom when we sat down in the Senate Room that it looked just like the book. I waited while the session started and listened, but I was also nervous and thinking about what I would say. Senator Nicole Poore stood up and asked that Resolution #48 be read aloud in full. That’s when the guy (I can’t remember his name, it wasn’t Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn because I have met him before) in the front read a page all about me! Everyone looked at me! Then Senator Bryan Townsend stood up and he asked if I could have the privilege to take the floor and talk. I really hope Senator Townsend is proud of me. I really like him.

Here Representative Longhurst holds the microphone down for me as I address the House
Here Representative Longhurst holds the microphone down for me as I address the House

My Mom walked up to the front with me and at first it was confusing because I was too short to stand at the podium. Once we figured out where I could stand to talk my Mom sat back down. I think she was nervous, too.

I had my speech on note cards. My Mom practiced with me, she wrote down times for me to look up and she told me just to take my time.

I must have done a good job because everyone clapped and they stood up for me. I’m not sure I ever smiled so big or felt so proud of myself, not ever!

Some of the senators came up and shook my hand and gave donations to Brae’s Brown Bags right from their own pockets. This really surprised me and made me very happy.

I guess people really like what I said. I know my Mom cried, even though she heard me practice it before!

Then I was brought to a room where I was introduced to the House. Representative Valerie Longhurst introduced me but she said I was 9 years-old. I was 9 when I started Brae’s Brown Bags but I am 10 years old now. That’s okay I don’t know how old she is either, but I always guess younger, too.

Here I am in front of Legislative Hall
Here I am in front of Legislative Hall

So then I gave my speech to this room of people. They also clapped and gave me a standing ovation.

Somehow the afternoon got even more awesome and do you know why? Because I got to meet Governor Jack Markell in his office. I think I was probably really quiet, his office was really big. I wish I could have read my speech to him but I didn’t think about it. He let me sit at his desk in his big chair and my feet couldn’t touch the floor.

I think another thing that really made me happy is that I met a lot of people from the Food Bank of Delaware. I never met them before and it was nice to have them come to Legislative Hall to hear my ideas. They invited me to go with them later next month for a legislative day where they will be teaching about hunger. Hopefully I can do that, too.

One thing I am glad to say is that today is Friday and while I do like talking to people and helping people I am really happy the weekend is coming up!