Delaware FFA State Convention

Today is the start of Delaware’s statewide convention for FFA. They chose for their service project to be a bag packing with 3B Brae’s Brown Bags. Braeden and I will be heading to Harrington, Delaware to be part of this experience. We’re excited to be able to work with other youth again. This is our first big bag packing since the pandemic started two years ago!

Many thanks to the Delaware FFA for inviting us! We’ll post photos and talk about the event after we get home!

We know Girl Scout Troops rock BUT WOW

Girl Scout Troops #537, #841, #67 and #472 know what it means to volunteer for service and they practiced this last week by packing 108 bags for moms and children at Mary’s House of Hope!

You can see a live video feed we took by looking at the bottom of this post.

I talked to them a little bit about Brae’s Brown Bags and then my Mom talked a lot, she just kept going and going.

Then we got down to the real fun, the service!

In the cafeteria of Leasure Elementary School we had a HUGE assembly line set up, it was multiple cafeteria tables.

I showed everyone that if you lay the water bottle down on it’s side in the bag first it will help to keep the bag balanced and make sure nothing gets crushed.

One More Thing

But something else you should know about this event is that the girls had other stations. One table had crafty things so they could write special notes of kindness to put in the bags. The table next to that station had cards to write thank you notes for soldiers. Seeing those extra stations made me think about how much the troops are doing to make positive change. They do a lot and it is really cool.

Thank you so much!

Bag packing and meeting new people

3b-vbs-assemblyA couple weeks ago I was asked by a very nice lady named Katie if I would like to go to her church vacation bible school program and talk to the group about 3B Brae’s Brown Bags. My Mom said that would be nice and so I went, sometimes my brother Finnegan went also. One of the nights was called a super hero night and I brought in my presentation board and talked to the group of kids for a little bit, and then we all talked about what things we could do to be heroes. There whole topic or theme for the week was to be a giver and not a getter.

Then on the last night of the vacation bible school we backed bags. People in the group donated water and healthy snacks. We packed 100 bags! It was like an assembly line and it was just such a really good feeling.

Today I’m with my Mom at her work because at lunch time we’re going to go to the Hope Dining Room. I am going to get to meet volunteers and see what they do to help people in the community. It’s in the basement of the Kingswood United Methodist Church which is only about 10 minutes from where my Mom works. So it should be a good trip. Maybe we can even see if they would like bag deliveries sometimes. I packed five bags this morning to bring to them, the lady, Paula, who reached out to have me visit, she said they serve lunch there to the homeless. I’ll learn more and tell you about it later.

Then later in the afternoon I have a call in with people from Nickelodeon who want to learn more about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I don’t know why but who is going to turn down a call from Nickelodeon? Not this boy!

I hope everyone has a great day!