Teen Scene Boys & Girls Club Leadership

12741885_1059120410798358_6583856652718992167_nThe Delaware Boys and Girls Club had a teen event in February about 3 weeks ago which they invited me to attend. The Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club is one of our 3B Ripple Student Chapters. There are really great kids at that club and I am happy to be working with them. But I found out about a lot of other clubs across the state of Delaware, too. And they all have teens who are really nice people and very helpful.

I was able to do a bag packing with hundreds of these teens through three different sessions. They rotated throughout the day. I cannot believe I am about to say this but they packed 1,000 bags! In just two hours these guys all just packed like crazy.

So far I know that 200 bags were handed out and the other 800 are in the queue. Some of the teens came up to be after the sessions to see how they can continue helping. I am very excited about this and I am thankful.

They also had time to ask me and my Mom some questions. I think they asked a lot of great questions. We gave out the black 3B bags that my Mom helped design as a way to say thank you to them. Later that night we all went to a Delaware 87ers game and I saw a lot of the teens wearing their bags. That made me happy.

Oh and there was a writer/rapper there who is really a writer/teacher Michael Cirelli of Urban Word NYC. He was doing sessions too and he was trying to help everyone to see they can really have a strong voice and make an impact with their views and their words. I think that is really important. I have learned for sure that I can be a voice of change and I think that is what he was trying to say, too.

I’m really happy about my partnership with the Boys & Girls Club. I think this is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to be able to do another event with them. I would like to thank Stu Sherman and Amber Hickman-Taylor for being such a big help for me and my Mom and for Brae’s Brown Bags. You guys are the best! And also to David M. M. Taffet who took pictures at the event and shared them with us!

MLK Day is a National Day of Service #MLKDay

martin-luther-king-jr-day-a-day-on-not-a-day-offToday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and so it only makes sense that it is also a National Day of Service. Martin Luther King, Jr. did so much every day of his life to help others reach equality. I’d like to think on a smaller level I’m trying to help people be more equal, too. I think we should all have equal access to healthy food. It shouldn’t matter how much money you make, you should be able to eat healthy and live healthy.

So on this day of service my friends at the Jefferson Awards Foundation packed 58 bags which will be delivered to Friendship House’s Women’s Shelter on 7th & Orange Streets in Wilmington, Delaware. I’m very grateful to them, especially Michele Fidance who set it all up.

Then I got a chance to meet some teen leaders at the Boys & Girls Club Greater Newark. Ms. Amber invited me and my family to participate in their day of service. I brought some bags with me (18 to be exact) and we stopped by a few fire stations and by the troop 2 state police station. We thanked the fire fighters and officers for their service. I gave them bags to have on hand in case they meet someone in need. My brother and sister were excited to be part of this and they colored pictures to give them. My sister was especially happy to sit in a fire truck! She said, “Mom am I going to go save people now?”

So it was a day off of school but a day ON for service. We’ve prepared 25 more bags for a code purple tonight hosted at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. There was one last night, too, at Holy Family Church and my Mom delivered for me solo because I wasn’t home yet from my weekend with my dad.