Mazda USA helps us DriveForGood

mazdabagshipmentWhen my Mom saw we were running low on the brown bags we use for 3B, the kind with the handles, because they are more sturdy, she reached out to Mazda. It has been a few years since I won the Mazda Drive for Good contest, but the great news is that all the wonderful people at Mazda still take time to help our nonprofit.

When our friends at Mazda heard that we needed additional bags, they delivered more, a lot more! They had twenty boxes of 3B stamped brown bags delivered to us! Thank you to my Pop Pop for receiving the bags and getting them to our storage unit!


Mazda Drive for Good® is an annual charitable program that allows Mazda to give back by helping those in need. For every test drive taken between November 21, 2016 and January 3, 2017, we pledged one hour of our time to a worthy cause in your community. We are continuously grateful for all Mazda does to help communities nationwide!

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Another bag has been delivered

Yesterday I was able to give another 3B bag to a homeless man near where I live. He sat down on the grass and started eating right away. I hope my friends who made bags with me have also been able to hand some out.

If you would like a bag I can make one for you. Or you can make your own. Info and a printable insert can be found here.

Also I would like to thank people who have been helping me make bags and the people who support me with supplies and donations. Thank you to Grandmom and Grandpop Willey, Aunt Linda and Uncle Ed Hart, Cathy Kinney, Katie Hutton, Cheryl Bush, Brian, Gram and Pop Pop, my friends at Circle of Friends daycare and most of all my Mom.

And here are two beach photos to share with you.


9395730043_5723ba7e62_zHave a good day!