Young people being awesome across Delaware

brae20under20There is so much to tell you. I either have to remember to write smaller posts more frequently or hope you don’t mind these long ones.

So the first thing is that Delaware Today included me in their April Magazine which featured 20 under 20. That means 20 kids from across Delaware who are doing some cool things. They really are, too!

Devon Ragolia, Dhruv Mohnot, Jenaya Vann, Elias Randall, Blair Isken, Ariel Friedlander, Hope Abbott, Jonathan Scurato and Braeden Mannering at the 20 Under 20 photo shoot
Devon Ragolia, Dhruv Mohnot, Jenaya Vann, Elias Randall, Blair Isken, Ariel Friedlander, Hope Abbott, Jonathan Scurato and Braeden Mannering at the 20 Under 20 photo shoot

I met students who make their own clothes, even glowing shoes and students who have their own skin care line funded in part by people on Shark Tank. There was even a girl who is REALLY GOOD at several instruments and she is younger than me. So if you get a chance you should read the article, Emma Way wrote it, she is very nice.

Then I have talked with two different groups recently.

brae-hillcrestI went up to West Chester, Pennsylvania last week to talk with a group of Girl Scouts at Hillcrest Elementary and one of their brothers. They were all so excited to pack bags and hear about what I have been doing. They asked some good questions and then packed 75 bags of food for people in need. It went by very fast they were super focused! The principal for the school was also there and he said he hopes to launch an official 3B Ripple at the elementary school next year!

brae-wilsonYesterday I went to Wilson Elementary School to launch a 3B Ripple. There were about 80 kids there, all 4th graders and I am pretty sure almost all of them ended up raising their hands with questions. It made me feel good that they were interested in learning more. Their school counselor signed them and they are still figuring out what to name their chapter. She talked with them after my presentation and she said if they volunteer to participate in the chapter they will have to give up one recess period to take time to pack bags. I know how important recess is, I am still bummed recess doesn’t happen in 6th grade. But you know what, so many of the students raised their hands and asked if they would be allowed to give up 2 recess periods! WOW! I was very impressed with these students and their school. I am happy to be working with them.

PepsiCo just released information about what their brand is doing to help provide hunger relief across the world. Their article spoke about how young people play a big role in this initiative and they included me! So you can read about what they are doing on the Huffington Post and on a Sustainable Brands website.

More news coming soon so stay tuned!

Helping to spread kindness at Hillcrest Elementary

There have been groups that have asked me to come talk to them about Brae’s Brown Bags before. I have talked to the Delaware Collegiate 4-H, two different girl scout troops, to the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity and the Food Science club at the University of Delaware, and then there’s the time I talked with a group at the White House. I love saying that last one, really, how many people can say that?

I even recently had a chance to be on the Rachael Ray Show!

20141003_095942_resizedBut I’m not sure any of that could prepare me for talking to over 800 students at Hillcrest Elementary School in Baltimore County Maryland. These kids were all my age or younger. They were split into two big groups and sat on the floor of their cafeteria to hear me. I shared my presentation and I also talked a little bit about 3B, about food insecurity and about being helpers and dreaming big. I think they were all very happy to hear from me. At the end of each talk I went and stood in the middle of everyone and answered their questions. They had A LOT of questions!

One person asked me how much money I have raised. Someone else asked me if I would buy a factory with the money to pack more bags. That was an interesting questions, but I wouldn’t, I like packing them myself. A lot of people asked about the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. I hope they enter for 2015, they asked about what kind of food to make and I tried to give them some tips. People asked how I came up with the idea for 3B and I told them I saw a lot of homeless people in Washington, DC and in my hometown and that it really makes my heart hurt. 3B is a small way for me to be able to help give healthy food to people who need it.

20141003_102846_resizedThe school let me help with packing 250 bags. Each bag included one of my inserts and labels, but it also included kind words from 2nd graders and art work from kindergarteners. I really like the idea of drawing on the bags. I think maybe my brother and sister can help me do that near holidays. That’s a really fun idea and I think it will make people happy. These bags all went to a shelter near Hillcrest where they were needed.

There were three people there with cameras who wanted to interview me. That was a lot of work. I think I did good though.

My Mom showed me an article in the Baltimore Sun which published this morning.

You can read it here: Kindness campaign kicks off at Hillcrest Elementary

Thank you, Hillcrest for inviting me, listening to me and sharing your day with me. I love your school! You have a lot of great artists. I appreciate your donation and gifts too, you are very kind!