Some news, plus info about No Kid Hungry

Some quick updates and things.

Today Elena from the Newark Post is calling to talk to me and my Mom. She’s going to write about my trip to the White House for the 2013 Kids’ State Dinner. I hope I can tell her about Brae’s Brown Bags, also.

Tomorrow I am going to the Christina School District Board Meeting as an honoree. They are going to talk about my trip and about 3B. I have never been to a board meeting.

My next Emmanuel Dining Room event has been set up. I hope to make more than 60 bags this time. I am going to hand out the bags on Sunday, October 6th.


Also, did you know September is “No Kid Hungry” month. The color for support is orange. I found out about this on Twitter. One in five kids in the US will go hungry today. That is a lot. That means maybe 5 kids in my classroom will not have something to eat. It makes me feel sad.

Find out more at the No Kid Hungry website,