3B and Braeden included in published work

51CLJDJGwLLDo you remember when I wrote about Reverend Paul Mast? He had come to see me at my house because he was writing a book about his experience working with the homeless populations all over the world. He interviewed me and decided to include my story about Brae’s Brown Bags and also about some of my ideas related to hunger and homelessness. Well his book has now been published and you can buy it online. My interview and picture are in the book!

The book is called Street Sabbatical: Life Lessons for a Contemplative Beggar and we learned a little bit about it before it was published and it really is inspiring. Reverend Paul traveled the world and at times actually lived on the street and in shelters because he wanted to know what it felt like to live as a homeless person.

Reverend Mast wants to get rid of the word “homelessness” and he explains why in his book.

BanTheLabelHomeless.com and see how you can help to reverse the stigma of that label.

His personal website is: www.gospelsoftretreats.org

I want to thank Reverend Paul for including me, but also for going out and helping people in need every day. I’m very happy to know you and be your friend.

Spring has sprung and there’s much going on

First group of runners RACE AGAINST HUNGER
First group of runners RACE AGAINST HUNGER

I’m trying to remember everything I have been doing so I can tell you all about it. I hosted something called a Race Against Hunger for the 4th graders at Keene Elementary School in the Christina School District on Friday, April 11, 2014. One of the enrichment teachers, Mrs. Utterson, helped me with it, thank goodness for her being so supportive. My art teacher, Mr. Graham provided supplies so I could make posters with some of my friends for the race. I wish more of the grown ups at the school had helped out or come out to see us run. It really did end up being a perfect day. No rain and very warm. My Mom said she did a reverse rain dance. It worked!

We’re closing fundraising for the Race Against Hunger this week but so far we have raised $500 and the money will go to Action Against Hunger USA.

5kSo one thing I forgot to talk about was that I had another bag packing event with my friends in Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Delaware. It was the same weekend as my Mom’s birthday back in March. We packed something like 300 bags! I took 100 of them home to give out and they kept the remaining bags for the upcoming 5K they are hosting to benefit Brae’s Brown Bags. Definitely sign up to race with me for 3B on Sunday, April 27th.

Handed out 3B bags at the Emmanuel Dining Room
Handed out 3B bags at the Emmanuel Dining Room

This past Sunday my Mom and my Dad took me to the Emmanuel Dining Room and we handed out 100 bags to the people who came to eat lunch at the soup kitchen. We decided to have 10 of those bags be for kids and the kids really liked the Spring activity booklet. I got those booklets from Mrs. Christine Sweeney as a donation. Thank you!

Today my 3B Facebook page went over 1,000 fans! It’s crazy! Thank you to everyone who encourages and supports me and the work I’m doing with 3B. I couldn’t do it without Y-O-U!

Plus tonight Reverend Paul Mast is coming to my house to interview me for a book he is writing. He said he was impressed with what I am doing and heard about me through the 2014 Governor’s Award for Youth Service. I’ve done interviews before but never for a book!

On top of the stuff I’m going with 3B I also started playing flag football at the YMCA in Bear. We haven’t done too much yet but I really like it. It’s fun to play and also fun to make new friends.