My time on a national talk show

rachaelray-braedenYou might have been working or in school like I was on Monday, September 15th at 10am and so you might not have seen it BUT I was on the Rachael Ray Show. It airs in Delaware at 10am during the week on 6ABC. We recorded it though and I’ve watched it three times already. A film crew came to our  house the Sunday prior to going to New York to be on the show. The film crew was very nice, it was not easy to be followed around for a day, but it was kind of cool, also. I don’t know how people like Rachael Ray do it!

rachaelray-braeden-braes-brown-bagsThe Rachael Ray Show has just started their 9th season. I got to be on the first show of the season. Rachael Ray is doing an awesome thing which she calls 9 Million Meals #9millionmeals. I was able to be on the show to talk about 3B Brae’s Brown Bags. I also met Anton Cobb from Oregon who is helping raise money for a food bank in Oregon. He skips his lunch break once per week to sit outside and raise money for other people to be able to have lunch. He was so nice! We also met Pedro Rodriguez. He is a chef in New York at the New York City Rescue Mission. He really cares about what he is doing and in helping others to have access to food but also respect.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Even when I went to the White House it wasn’t really like being on TV. On TV things are going very fast. There were at least 50 lights in the ceiling in the studio and so many cameras. It was crazy but it was fun to have the chance to be there. Plus I got to stay with my Mom in a hotel and also ride the train. I really like to ride trains. I like to travel.

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