Round of applause for Alpha Phi Omega at UD

You might have seen this announcement on Facebook yesterday, but just in case you have not I thought I would also mention this great news on my blog.

A service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Delaware, sent my Mom an email yesterday to let us know that 3B will be their philanthropy for this school year. Their fraternity chapter has said they will be collecting food and holding bag packing events for 3B so we can reach even more people!


It is so very cool to know students at the University of Delaware are excited about Brae’s Brown Bags and they want to help my project be even more successful. I’m very happy they like the idea. I can’t wait to have my first meeting with them so I can show them my presentation and meet everyone!

You can find APO at UD on Facebook, too.

Volunteering at UD’s STOP HUNGER NOW event

Braeden at top Hunger Now EventMy Mom took my brother Finn and I to the University of Delaware last night to volunteer at a Stop Hunger Now event which as held at the Perkins Student Center. We were told that 25,000 people die each day around the world due to hunger! That is not good! But it made it all the more important to be at the event and work hard to help people.

1374279_10151625490571570_614126509_nVolunteering was A LOT of work! I mean A LOT! Me and my brother were actually sweating. Our hair was wet! The guy running the event decided that we should be runners, but unless you know the process of what we did you won’t know what a runner means.

So there were a bunch of college kids there and some of them put rice, dried veggies and vitamin packets into a funnel, which dumped the ingredients into a bag. The bags were put into little crates. when the crates were filled someone would shout, “RUNNER!” As a runner me or Finn would go grab the full crate and bring it to the weighing station. The bags were weighed and then sealed before being packed into brown boxes. Each box held 36 bags, each bag serves 6 people.

1011964_10151625498846570_1934086606_nWe packed 20,000 meals in 2 hours! Each time we packed a bunch, like 2,000 towards our goal me and Finn were allowed to go hit a big gong thing and it made a loud noise and then all the volunteers cheered and were really excited! It made me so happy!

October is “World Hunger Action” Month so if you are able to go help people in need or volunteer with groups you should definitely do it. it’s fun, it makes you feel good and it just shows you that every single person name really make a difference.

Thank you to the UD Food Science Club

photo-4I have a lot to say about the meeting with the University of Delaware Food Science Club. It was really a lot of fun. I kind of felt nervous at first.

I have talked to people about my trip to The White House and I have talked to people about 3B but usually it is only one person at a time. This was the first time I ever talked to a group. And these were all college students! Well, actually there was a professor and she brought her two kids. Her name was Ms. Kali. So the President of the Food Science Club, Krystal, introduced me to the group. Then I talked a little bit about why I was there and I showed them my presentation.

My Mom helped me make the presentation. I picked the pictures and the music and showed her some spelling errors. I must have practiced 5 times before going to present.

photo 1We packed bags with pretzels, cheerios and trail mix. All of the bags had the 3B insert and the 3B logo on the front. The group let me take home some so I could bring them to the Emmanuel Dining Room on October 6th. The rest of the bags are going to the Emmaus House in Newark, Delaware. But my Mom looked for their website to share and we think they might be called Homeward Bound now.

I just want to say thank you again to all the students in the club and to Ms. Kali and her kids. We packed A LOT of 3B bags and they will go to a lot of people who need them. It is really cool that they wanted to help.