It’s feeling like winter and 3B is ready to help

sundaybreakfastmission-donationThis week we are really thankful for helpers. On Thursday, December 3, our friend Laura Nash brought four boxes of books, blankets and some gloves to the Sunday Breakfast Mission in Wilmington, Delaware. We’re hopeful they can use these new items in their “Holiday Shoppe.” They have more than 200 families come to their mission to find items for their kids for Christmas. It’s really something special. I am thankful to the Sunday Breakfast Mission for all they do every day to help homeless and low-income friends in Wilmington.

kentcounty-givingdayThen on Friday, my Pop Pop, he took five boxes of things down to Dover help out the Kent County Code Purple. Last  winter was so cold in Delaware that the Kent County Code Purple opened an emergency sanctuary every night except for five night from Thanksgiving through March 28, 2015. So Pop Pop brought a box of handmade blankets and hats, made by Mrs. Cook, he brought two boxes of my 3B Brae’s Brown Bags which I put hand warmers, healthy food, water and little bottles of lotion in, a box of brand new gloves and hats, and a box of books for kids of all ages, some of which were brand new thanks to University of Delaware Cooperative Extension and the Molina Foundation. I’m so happy we were able to get items to them for their Giving Day which is today at the John W. Pitts Center in Dover, Delaware.

good people everywhereAlso on Thanksgiving everyone one of my family members who went to Grandmom and Grandpop Willey’s house for our family dinner, I think there were 25 or 26 people!, everyone took a 3B bag with them to give out on their holiday travels! Then I also found out that my Gram’s cousin, Ms. Anita Paulson and her family, have been giving out dozens of bags. They even asked us to send them out insert so they can keep helping!

Information to share with folks in need, or to help them get resources:

To be connected to Code Purple resources, call Delaware 2-1-1, or search for “Code Purple” on the Delaware 2-1-1 mobile app or on its website at