Brae’s Brown Bags are growing

homeless-helpYesterday my Mom and I went to Family Promise of Delaware which is off of St. James Church Road in Wilmington, Delaware.

We met with Cheryl who works there and she talked with us about what their program does for people. She also let us tour the home. I learned there are many kinds of homeless people. Family Promise has room for four families and they allow kids. I didn’t know that some shelters break up families. It made me sad to hear about that.

I learned that you can’t always tell if someone is homeless. There are more homeless families in Delaware than any one shelter could help. Family Promise has to send families to other places when they are full. I asked a lot of questions. Cheryl told me other types of things I could put in Brae’s Brown Bags that people could use. I could put a toothbrush and toothpaste in a bag or even make a bigger bag and put a pillow in it for someone to use. I wouldn’t have thought of that before yesterday.

Also Cheryl told us about something called Box City. It sounds like fun. I think everyone should do it!

I want to go back to Family Promise and bring them Brae’s Brown Bags that have something more than a water bottle and snacks.

This shows me people really can use my Brae’s Brown Bags and it can really help them.

Today I got two emails from other places who want to talk to me about Brae’s Brown Bags. I hope I can talk to them soon. One of them is called Emmanuel Dining Room and the other one is Samaritan Outreach.

It feels good to help!

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  1. It does feel good to help, doesn’t it….We can help by donating supplies? I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you come to Fenwick…So excited for you and proud of you as well…Hugs

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