3B went back to the Emmanuel Dining Room

Me and my brother Finn
Me and my brother Finn

Using some of the bags I packed with the University of Delaware Food Science Club, my family and I went to the Emmanuel Dining Room (EDR) yesterday and handed out 85 Brae’s Brown Bags to the people who visited.

A lot of people said thank you for the bags.

The best part was when a lady took one of the bags, left EDR and then came back. First she went up to my Mom and my Step Dad to say thank you but they told her that the bags were my project and so she came over to me at the table I was standing at to hand out bags. She tapped me on my shoulder and she said she almost cried when she read the insert that I put in all the bags. She must have thanked me 12 times for the bag I gave her and I really felt so happy that she liked it that much.

I’m not sure when we will be going back to EDR but I hope we can soon!

Thank you to everyone there for your help and for letting us hand out the 3B bags.

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  1. Cheryl

    Hope that you & Finn keep being awesome, no matter how sweaty the job! Great work at the UD Hunger Night, running the bags & hitting the gong & also making folks happy at Emmanuels.

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