Some updates, Queen Latifah and Alpha Phi Omega

Remember how gave me a seed grant for Brae’s Brown Bags?

Well they also went a step further and decided to feature me on their blog.

They asked me some questions, like an interview, and included my answers online.

So you should check it out and see what kind of super hero powers I would want if I ever became a super hero.

You can read the post on their website, “How This 10-Year-Old Is Helping The Homeless” I hope you like it.

queen-latifahAlso, I don’t think I told you yet but I know I put it on Facebook. An Associate Producer from the Queen Latifah Show called and talked to me last week. She asked me questions about Brae’s Brown Bags. I don’t know if anything will happen from talking to her but it was still super cool that she called. It was funny because she told me she was calling from Los Angeles and she asked me where I was but instead of saying Delaware I said I was in my Gram’s basement! My Mom might tease me about that forever! Did you know Queen Latifah has an entire area called the Michelle Obama Lounge on her talk show. I should send her a copy of my photo with the First Lady!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Oh and on November 17th I’ll be packing bags with Alpha Phi Omega in Purnell Hall on the University of Delaware’s campus. My new friend, Kyle, who is part of the fraternity told my Mom they collected $1,000 of items to put in the bags and I am SO EXCITED!

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