Thanksgiving Bags for the Christina School District

brae-3b-schoolThis morning my Mom and I brought 3B bags to Keene Elementary School to be picked up by a member of the Christina School District. We brought 32 bags and they all had healthy snacks and water but they were also the first children bags we have made and delivered. Each bag had a book and a message to the person to let them know how important it is to read. I mean what kid doesn’t like to snack and read, right?

Thankfully Mr. Jack was in the parking lot when we pulled in and so he carried a box and my Mom and I also carried a box. We left them in the main office. My principal was there and thought it was a really great idea. She said when Mrs. Lavina Smith comes to pick them up that they would call me to the office to meet her and show her the bags.

We will be delivering bags before the December holidays as well. I hope to be able to bring 40 or more bags at that time.

Knowing that I am helping kids in my school district is a really good feeling. I hope they all have a very happy Thanksgiving.

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