Talking about 3B on Good Day Philadelphia

photo on good day philadelphiaSo I was a little bit nervous leading up to the time I was going to be on Good Day Philadelphia, but once I was there and set up I felt better. This time I talked to Mike Jerrick @MikeFOX29 and to Sheinelle Jones @SheinelleFox29 and they were both very nice. I had a lot of fun. My Mom says they let me talk for awhile but to me it felt like it went by so fast.

I was able to show them all the different bags I have made which includes the regular healthy snack bag, the kid’s bag with a book, the winter bag with warm clothes and the work force bag which has toiletry items. I told them all about how I have given bags to the Emmanuel Dining Room patrons and to the Christina School District. I let them know that the UD chapter of Alpha Phi Omega has been very helpful.

So while we were there my Mom took pictures for Facebook and posted them using her phone. But when I got home and was able to put something on Facebook and Twitter there were so many people already commenting! We even received donations through the Facebook page. And my Mom got an email from a man named Mr. Harkin who has a store called Princess Gifts in Philadelphia and he has 200 books to donate to my project.

It makes me feel so happy to know people want to help 3B grow!

Thank you to everyone and many, many thank yous to Fox 29 and the Good Day Philadelphia team!

You can read about it and watch the video here:

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