The very first 3B fundraiser night at Big Fish Grill

big-fish-grillLast night I went to Big Fish Grill in Glenn Mills, PA. They had a four course meal and the best part of the meals was the grilled fish and the dessert which was apple layers with gelato. It was also a good flavor idea that they added clementine slices to the salad.

I talked to two groups of people who attended the dinner. One of the ladies asked me if she could give me a high five and I thought that was pretty cool. Some of the people actually gave me donations after I talked to them about Brae’s Brown Bags (3B). And it was really nice because part of their meal was going towards 3B also so this was extra.

The people who work at Big Fish Grill brought me donations. We have extra bags, water bottles and snacks now which will come in handy. Plus $5 from every meal for the Women & Wine Event went to 3B and I am very thankful, I think that was very generous.

Amanda, Me and Hudson
Amanda, Me and Hudson

I got to meet Amanda Ferguson, she is the lady who helped set up the dinner and reached out because she was impressed with 3B. She was very nice and I gave her a 3B t-shirt and then she gave me a Big Fish Grill t-shirt which I didn’t expect and I thought that was very nice. I also met the chef and the kitchen staff. The chef, was really, his name is Tim, he was so nice to me and he showed me everything in the kitchen. I hope it was okay when I turned down the raw oyster. Another person I met was Husdon Austin. He paired the wine to each course and talked to us about the wine. My Mom let me smell and sip the wines. They all smelled like wine to me.

It meant a lot to me that my Mom and Brian, Gram and Pop Pop and Great Grandmom and Grandpop Willey were all there, too. I think they had a good time. And my Grandmom and Grandpop Stephan watched Finn and Amelia which is why my Mom and Brian were able to be there so that was nice also.

There are some more photos on my Mom’s Flickr page.

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  1. It was so much fun being there with you, Braeden. The meal was so delicious! I was very impressed with the restaurant and their employees. I am happy that so many people are reaching out to help you, help others.

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