Another bitter cold week here in Delaware

Monday night after school I packed 26 Brae’s Brown Bags because my Mom told me there might be a code purple day with freezing temperatures this week. She ended up bringing them to the Calvary Baptist Church in Newark, DE on her lunch break as they said they would be able to use the bags. So now I’ve officially given out over 650 bags to people in the last six months! We calculated it all out yesterday. Plus, one of the outreach people at Calvary Baptist, his name is Mr. Parkins, he emailed my Mom and said the nicest thing.

Here’s a little bit from the email Mr. Parkins’ sent to my Mom:

I had told Pastor Bruce Martin about the Brown Bags and forwarded him your earlier email where you explain the origins. Last week Pastor Bruce preached a sermon titled “Storm Stories”. He talked about some storms in the Bible and how people responded. Then he talked how Braeden saw a need and took action. He read your email to the congregation. One of his points was that if a 10 year old sees a need and does something, shouldn’t we too. He had good words to say about you as parents. So please tell Braeden that he was “preached about”!!!!!!”

I thought you might like that, because I know it made me feel really special.


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