The Governor’s Youth Service Awards

Me with Lt. Gov. Denn and Secretary Rita Landgraf

Me with Lt. Gov. Denn and Secretary Rita Landgraf

Well this morning I’m getting ready for a football game at the YMCA in Bear. Then as soon as I’m done I will be joining my Mom at the Townsend Hall in Newark. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is having their annual Ag Day. It’s really fun and we go every year but this year I’m exhibiting! 3B Brae’s Brown Bags will be sharing a tent with the Food Bank of Delaware out in front of Townsend Hall.

My Mom and I worked hard on my display. My Gram and PopPop helped figure out how to get it to be sturdy. We will also have brochures (my mom and stepdad folded and printed all night), magnets, pens, water bottles and t-shirts. For people who donate we will be able to give them a shirt. We’re thinking a $15 donation will get them a water bottle and a $25 donation will get them a t-shirt. I think that’s a really good deal! The bottles and shirts are really cool. I’ll be wearing one!

Getting my award yay!

Getting my award yay!

But what I really want to talk about before I head out if Wednesday night’s dinner celebration for the 2014 Governor’s Youth Service Awards. I was the youngest individual person to receive the award. I was nervous when we were waiting in line to go on stage. My family said you could not tell that I was nervous, but I really was.

I met Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn and he talked to me at my table for a little bit. He was pretty funny. Actually a lot of nice people introduced themselves to me and asked me about Brae’s Brown Bags. I felt pretty proud of myself. I also found out about a lot of other kids doing community service and volunteering places.

This is me and my Mom

This is me and my Mom

There really are a lot of young people in Delaware doing awesome things. Everyone should be proud and should keep up the good work.

This was the first time I had been to the Dover Downs. The dinner was in the ballroom. It was really nice. They had slides playing while we ate. I was happy to see that the race I hosted at my school, Keene Elementary, was on one of the slides which rotated through while they were showing what kids did in Delaware for Global Youth Service Day!

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