Sharing good news, it’s all about heart

We had DCAS testing at Keene this week. I did well, I am happy with my score. But I won’t try to make it seem like I’m not feeling a little bit tired now. Plus I have a football game tomorrow and I had practice last night. There is a lot happening.

But today I got home from school to find that there was a really funny and very cool article written by a guy named Jeffrey Gentry at The News Journal. He posted it on and a lot of people have shared it. It’s like they are all cheering me on and happy about what we’re doing with Brae’s Brown Bags. You can click on the image below or click here, “Delaware boy’s brown bags nourish body, soul.”

So maybe it’s not so bad testing and practicing and feeling tired sometimes. Because then you come home and you find out that someone thinks what you are doing is really good. And that feels good. Anybody can help, that’s what I say now, just one bag at a time can make a difference. It’s important to help others. My new friend Father Paul Mast who is writing a story about homelessness said it’s about compassion. You don’t really need someone to write about it. You don’t even need to know the person you help. You just do it, because you would want someone to do it for you, because we can build a better world together.


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One thought on “Sharing good news, it’s all about heart

  1. Braeden, you are so amazing. I know how very busy you have been. I don’t know how you keep up, but somehow you do. Your hard work never goes unnoticed with me. I have said it before and I will said it again now, you are my inspiration!

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