The 3B Thank You party and 5th grade

inflatable-obstacleOn Saturday, August 23rd if you came out for the 3B Summer Celebration at the Bear-Glasgow YMCA then I know you had a great time. My mom and my brother Finn and me all got there at 1pm. We set up and then my brother and me had a chance to test out the inflatable obstacle course from Inflatable’s R Fun. It was a lot of fun, I think I did it like 20 times. Maybe more.

3B-Rockstar-Planners-1024x634The event’s committee, my new friends, best ladies ever, Terry Mullan, Kim Turner, Caitlin Custer and Catrina Sharp were all there to help set up, too. We set up with 30 table cloths and duct tape. My Grandmom and Granpop Stephan brought balloons and paper lanterns. My Gram and Pop Pop helped with fruit strays and also with the duct tape.

We had give away prize items planned but we did not know that people were going to also bring prizes. So we had a table full of a lot of prizes. Everyone who came got two of those tickets to get prizes. We also said they could buy more tickets if they wanted and some people did that, too. People donated to 3B too even though I said it was a thank you event and not a fundraiser. People are just nice like that. Over $400 was donated by my friends in the community.

brae-buddy-senator-townsendWhen a lot of people had gotten to the party I did a speech. I’m getting better at them. I had my script and my Mom highlighted times for me to look up to remind me but I went off script and made people laugh sometimes. I decided to give out awards to special people. So Tony Attaway from the Ministry of Caring, he got an award because he has a big heart and he helps feed people and he came all the way down to my thank you celebration even after being very busy with work because he works every weekend, thank you TONY!senator-hall-long-braeden-celebration Senator Hall-Long, she got an award because she is helping be improve food recovery at the University of Delaware. Senator Townsend is my buddy, his award was most fun for me to give, I think of him as like my family. He makes me feel important. Let’s see, I gave an award to Alpha Phi Omega the UD Chapter and also to The Food Bank of Delaware, the Bear-Glasgow YMCA and Gals That Give. I also gave an award to my Great Grandparents, Bob and Rose Willey because they are very big fans and they love me and that makes me want to do good, too. 

friends-3b-celebrationI was happy to see that Senator Nicole Poore came to celebrate and also State Representative Valerie Longhurst came to celebrate which was very nice of them both. I have a good picture with them and I think I need to go on my Mom’s computer to get it. I will find it and post it here, they both were happy to see me.

Senator Carper didn’t come and Jeffry Gentry and Tanya Steel, but I will find a way to get them their awards because they are very important to me also.

We had food from Big Fish Grill in Glenn Mills, PA and we had the MooMobile there from the UDairy Creamery and I know everyone loved the ice cream plus I am pretty sure we ran out of sandwiches so they must have been good, too. Sponsors helped make the event possible and they included Willey Farms, Holman Moving Systems, Greg and Margie Mannering, Transportation Communications Union – Local Lodge 584, UDairy Creamery, Bear-Glasgow YMCA, Food Bank of Delaware, Gals that Gives and 93.7 WSTW. Our very pretty photographer that you might have seen around was the best Danielle Quigley. I can’t wait to see the pictures she took! I will post some on here when we get them.

My Mom asked me what my favorite part was and I definitely would say it was when I got to give out the awards. I got to call people to the stage and surprise them and it made me very happy and I think they were also very happy. I also hope everyone liked the goodie bags we gave out. I designed cool sunglasses and my Mom designed t-shirts and car magnets. I better see some 3B car magnets out there soon!

Well I don’t know about you but I could have used a little bit more Summer. A full week of all-day 5th grade is in store for me, but I did finish three days and then this weekend we do have an extra day off for Labor Day. So that is good.

My 5th grade teacher at Keene Elementary seems very nice. Her name is Mrs. Cameron. A lot of my friends are in my class. We already started reading a chapter book and also took a lot of tests and have homework. I like seeing my friends and I do like learning but it already seems like a lot. Maybe I just need to get back into the routine.

Well I hope everyone liked the celebration. I hope you know I do #3BThankYou for all you do to help 3B and also I hope everyone has a great back to school week.

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  1. I had so much fun at you 3B Summer Celebration. It was wonderful to see so many family members and friends there to support you. And how generous every was. Keep up the great work and have an excellent year in the 5th grade. Always remember how much I love you. Gram

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