Do you know about the Sunday Breakfast Mission?

sbmOn Monday my school had a day off and I got to go to the Sunday Breakfast Mission in Wilmington, Delaware to meet Reverend Nancy Wheeler. She gave me and my mom a tour of their building. It was really big, bigger than it looked from the outside. They have rooms for people to eat, for people to read and even for people to exercise and sleep.

Nancy Wheeler was very nice and she was happy that I brought 3B bags to share with the Mission. I brought back packs with school supplies, 55 brown bags and a bag that was full of toiletry items.

She told me and my Mom about a basketball camp they had for kids over the summer. She also told us about other things they do special like at Thanksgiving they give boxes of food to over 1,000 families! They have a special holiday shop, too in December. She said it was decorated really cool last year. They need volunteers to help them with these events and I would like to be able to help this year with my family.


So there are ways you can help. The first way is to stay in touch with them. Sign up to be a volunteer and follow them on social media.

Sign up to be a volunteer

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign up for their newsletter.

Or you can even donate now through their online form.

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  1. You know…you are such an amazing young man and I am so very proud to call you our Grandson..Keep doing what you do, and being who you are…Never change….Much love

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