The season of hope and giving

The 2nd graders at MOT Charter wanted to pack 3B bags to give to people in need. They did! On Friday they packed 171 bags which were dispersed to Our Daily Bread in Middletown, Delaware.

I’m hoping to get to their school early next year to tall with them about Brae’s Brown Bags and service. Also to thank them for taking the time to pack and give, because they helped provide 171 bags of healthy food to homeless and low income people in their community. They deserve high fives and hugs for the hope they have given to me and to the people around them.

They even shared some photos thanks to friends at the Jefferson Awards, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Jayme. image1

And look they personalized their bags!!! With drawings and notes to cheer up whomever receives the bag. I just know they are giving people smiles!

Thank you MOT Charter, I am so appreciative of your heard work. I can’t wait to meet all 75 of you!


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