Reybold Storage and Mazda

So I just want to really quickly thank two companies for recently helping us out.

storage-logoOne is the Pencader Reybold Self Storage people because they are donating a storage unit for us to use. We have had our supplies split between my great-grandparents, grandparents and my house because we didn’t have room for everything. Now we have one place we can put everything. Our friends at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club of Delaware helped us connect with Reybold. This is a really big help to us. We were able to put a couple dozen cases of water in last week and this week we will be able to put in more supplies.

T2_MazdaDriveForGood_DealerSkin_480x340Which then leads me to thanking Mazda (North American Operations) because when my Mom emailed them to ask them who printed our 3B logo on the brown bags after I won the Mazda Drive 4 Good, they not only connected her to that company but they also decided to donate money to our foundation to help us cover the cost of ordering more bags in bulk. So in a couple of weeks a HUGE shipment of 3B brown bags will be delivered and now we have a place to put them thanks to Reybold.

See how it all worked out?

Thank you Reybold and thank you Mazda. You guys rock!

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