Ag Day

Each year the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources hosts an Ag Day event on campus at the University of Delaware. Since we started 3B Brae’s Brown Bags nearly four years ago we have participated in the event, because food insecurity is directly related to agriculture in so many way. We know there is enough food produced in our country to feed every mouth, we also know that 40% of that food is wasted. If we work together with farmers, growers, producers, places who sell fresh produce, we can help to recover food and make a difference.

This year I was in Texas during Ag Day, but I was on the committee of students who planned the entire event and I am so proud of all they accomplished. The theme was a super hero theme. Farmers and agriculture researchers are definitely super heroes, they have the power to feed the world and protect the planet!

But all of us have the power to be our own super heroes and I see that each and every day when I am working with youth on the 3B mission, when I’m out on the street meeting people who are going through something rocky and can’t find their way out, or when we’re providing our brown bags to shelters and soup kitchens. I have met so many amazing volunteers who are now my personal heroes.

Including my parents who set up the table at Ag Day this year and spent the whole day their being 3B Champions!

Here are some photos from Ag Day 2017.

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  1. Ag Day was fun. Brae’s Pop pop and I helped him this year. I was able to meet many amazing people that came to the 3B table, to either share their experience and knowledge of 3B or to find out exactly what 3B was. It was rewarding to meet so many wonderful individuals who were interested in helping Braeden help the homeless and less fortunate. What a wonderful experience!

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