Were you watching NBC last week?

Braeden Mannering and Minnie Driver
Me and Minnie Driver

Before I even start, thank you to NBC Universal and thank you to Mazda USA for creating the #MazdaDrive4Good contest to bring attention to people in the nation who are doing good things in their communities. Thank you to actress/singer Minnie Driver for being part of the excitement. I have not been allowed to talk about this but now I can. I won the Drive 4 Good contest and my family got to attend and be featured on the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting last week and then I also got to be on the Today Show. Mazda is going to give $30,000 worth of goods and services to 3B Brae’s Brown Bags!

It all started the week before Thanksgiving when my Mom got the phone call from Ms. Rayna and Mr. Adam who work for NBC.

Me and Director Adam Reid
Me and Director Adam Reid
They came out to our house with like 40 people! There were lots of lights and cameras and they even had a motor home for actors and they had food for everyone.

Minnie Driver came to my house. I knew her because I watch her new show About A Boy but my Mom says she is in a lot of great movies, too. She’s really pretty and she’s really very nice. Did you know her real name is Amelia? That is my sister’s name, too.

My family and I with Al Roker and Jim O'Sullivan CEO of Mazda at the tree lighting
My family and I with Al Roker and Jim O’Sullivan CEO of Mazda at the tree lighting
The people from NBC brought Christmas decorations and we have two Christmas trees in our house now. People from Mazda were there and they were all really nice. It was a long day and it was a lot of work.

They filmed for a long time and then it got turned into a 90-second commercial which they showed on TV after introducing us in the tree lighting show on TV!

The tree lighting in New York was really cool. It was a long day but really nice people hung out with us. Ms. Meghan and Ms. Jessie and T. Cooper did our makeup and hair. The tree is HUGE! It’s 85-feet tall and the star on the top is bigger than me!

Al Roker interviewed me and my Mom on the Today Show. That also happened very fast and it was early in the morning so we were tired. I think I did good, my Mom said I could not have answered the questions better than I did which makes me feel good.

My Mom, me and Al Roker on the Today Show
My Mom, me and Al Roker on the Today Show
I can’t believe it!

Since all this happened I have had so many nice emails and Facebook messages and Tweets to my Twitter account. People are all wanting to help me and to help expand 3B to other places. We’re really going to be able to help more people! Isn’t it great! I just know that this means that 2015 is going to be an even better year and more people will get access to the healthy food they need and deserve!

I’m so happy! Thank you everyone! We really, really are going to change the world.

You know my Mom told Mr. Adam that one of the best things about all of 3B has been seeing it spread and help others. She says when you throw a pebble into the water the ripples can spread out all the way across a pond, she is humbled to see the ripple effect that 3B is causing and she’s so proud to know that I’m the pebble.

It’s getting to be that time of year

p1090694Holidays are fun. Thanksgiving is coming up and then Christmas. I am very excited because my family is going to Disney World for Thanksgiving. I have never been there. We are taking a plane. We will also stop into Universal Studios. It should be a lot of fun. I am excited to go on a plane again. My brother and sister have never been on a plane. I am wondering what we will do. I have seen pictures and heard things but I think it will be really cool.

There has been a lot going on in my world. Do you know what the word vague means? I did not. I do now. Vague means you can something a little bit about something, just enough, but then not everything. It’s mysterious! My step dad made up a word “Vague Book” on Facebook yesterday. Hahaha!

I was interviewed yesterday. It took a lot of work. I am VERY tired. I didn’t want to say anything wrong or mess up or anything, I get nervous. My little sister sat in a makeup chair. She picked pink blush. She didn’t need it though, but she smiled really big. My brother, Finn, had the makeup artist spike his hair up better.

I met some fun people. Really fun. AND I got a new laptop. It’s awesome! I played World of Warcraft and Minecraft on it and they weren’t slow or glitchy anymore. THANK YOU Mr. Adam!