It’s getting to be that time of year

p1090694Holidays are fun. Thanksgiving is coming up and then Christmas. I am very excited because my family is going to Disney World for Thanksgiving. I have never been there. We are taking a plane. We will also stop into Universal Studios. It should be a lot of fun. I am excited to go on a plane again. My brother and sister have never been on a plane. I am wondering what we will do. I have seen pictures and heard things but I think it will be really cool.

There has been a lot going on in my world. Do you know what the word vague means? I did not. I do now. Vague means you can something a little bit about something, just enough, but then not everything. It’s mysterious! My step dad made up a word “Vague Book” on Facebook yesterday. Hahaha!

I was interviewed yesterday. It took a lot of work. I am VERY tired. I didn’t want to say anything wrong or mess up or anything, I get nervous. My little sister sat in a makeup chair. She picked pink blush. She didn’t need it though, but she smiled really big. My brother, Finn, had the makeup artist spike his hair up better.

I met some fun people. Really fun. AND I got a new laptop. It’s awesome! I played World of Warcraft and Minecraft on it and they weren’t slow or glitchy anymore. THANK YOU Mr. Adam!

3 thoughts on “It’s getting to be that time of year

  1. Sounds like your interview made for a very special day. So happy that you received a new laptop. I know how you have been wanting one for awhile. I am very happy for you. So very nice and kind of Mr. Adam! He must be an amazing person. Hope your family trip to Disney World is awesome. I am thrilled for you and your family. Enjoy every second of your trip. Love always, Gram

  2. Rachel

    Just saw you on NBC at Rockefeller Center with your family. You truly touched my heart! You’re one cool dude, kiddo. Keep up the good work! Always Friends, Rachel

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