3B went back to the Emmanuel Dining Room

Me and my brother Finn
Me and my brother Finn

Using some of the bags I packed with the University of Delaware Food Science Club, my family and I went to the Emmanuel Dining Room (EDR) yesterday and handed out 85 Brae’s Brown Bags to the people who visited.

A lot of people said thank you for the bags.

The best part was when a lady took one of the bags, left EDR and then came back. First she went up to my Mom and my Step Dad to say thank you but they told her that the bags were my project and so she came over to me at the table I was standing at to hand out bags. She tapped me on my shoulder and she said she almost cried when she read the insert that I put in all the bags. She must have thanked me 12 times for the bag I gave her and I really felt so happy that she liked it that much.

I’m not sure when we will be going back to EDR but I hope we can soon!

Thank you to everyone there for your help and for letting us hand out the 3B bags.

60 bags gone in record time

9600998026_1e868b8972_cSo as you know the Ministry of Caring has a place called the Emmanuel Dining Room which is located in Wilmington, Delaware. My Mom and I visited recently and met Brother Miguel to talk about 3B: Brae’s Brown Bags. Brother Miguel asked us back and I returned with my family on Sunday, August 25th.

Brother Miguel said 50 bags would be okay but we ended up making 60 bags. Two sets of my grandparents, my parents, neighbors and some of my Mom’s coworkers donated bags, water bottles and snacks to help us make extra bags. I stuffed most of the bags by myself but my Mom and my brother Finn helped also. I put a drink and three snacks in each bag. I wanted the snacks to mostly be healthy.

9598208483_7f6840581b_cWe brought them in six big boxes to the Emmanuel Dining Room. My Mom, Brian, Finn, Amelia and me all went and helped on Sunday. We set up all the bags on tables and after people ate their meal they were allowed to have a bag to take with them for food to have later in the day. I helped people find bags with things they might like best. My brother helped me, too. We handed out all 60 bags in just about 20 minutes. I still can’t believe how fast they were all gone! There were a lot of people looking for one and I had to say they were gone, but I helped by giving them some extra sandwiches at the table.

9600999996_a0a4dcb519_cBrother Miguel said the Emmanuel Dining Room would love for us to come back once a month. I think it would be nice if we can have enough bags to be able to do that it wasn’t easy but it was good for the people we helped. I liked when I could give a bag to the kids, because I knew they would like what I packed. It also made me kind of sad though.

In other news, today was my first day of 4th grade. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Mannering, we have the same last name but I don’t know her. I think that is kind of funny. I am happy to be back in school, I got to see my friends. I had to bring 10 composition books. 10! Can you believe that? My friend Trevor from last year is in my class and I am happy about that.

The Emmanuel Dining Room

photoYesterday, I met Brother Miguel at the Emmanuel Dining Room. He told me the building use to be a fire hall. The place where people sit to eat now use to have two fire trucks. Brother Ronald found the building once it was emptied and he asked the city if he could buy it and use it to provide a safe place and food for those who are hungry. On the top floor of the building women and children have a place they can stay and it is called Hope House.

Brother Miguel met with my Mom and me in the basement. We talked about Brae’s Brown Bags and I gave him four bags. He really likes my idea. He gave me a wooden plaque that looks like the Emmanuel Dining Room building it was a very nice gift. It has stuff written on the back about their mission. I have it in the family room in my house now.

Brother Miguel says I can hand out Brae’s Brown Bags at the Emmanuel Dining Room using their giveaway table. After someone eats a hot meal for lunch they can then take a Brae’s Brown Bag which will have a drink and snacks for them for the rest of the day. He invited me to come back on August 25th. I am going to make at least 50 bags to bring with me on that day. I will be able to hand them to people when they leave the dining room.

Brother Miguel and MeSo on Sunday, August 25th I will return to the Emmanuel Dining Room with a bunch of Brae’s Brown Bags and I’m very excited. Brother Miguel said if we can go once a month with bags that would be great. I hope we can, I know there are a lot of people out there I can help.

A lot of people asked if they can help, too. You can. You can volunteer at the dining room or you can donate food. If you want to help with 3B we could always use more bags and fillers. I like to use healthy snacks and water bottles. Thank you everyone for all the nice things you said on my Mom’s facebook page. That was pretty cool.

Meetings and guest blogs

My Mom and I were supposed to meet with people at the Ministry of Caring who work for the Emmanuel Dining Room. But my baby sister Amelia got sick and we had to reschedule. Thankfully the people were understanding and nice and they let us reschedule.

We should be going there next week.

I did a guest blog post on the Jr. Food Critic website and I just saw that it posted a week or so ago. I can’t believe I missed it. You can read the blog at jrfoodcritic.com.

Oh also there are two more people who have handed out Brae’s Brown Bags. Plus my Mom and Brian handed out one the other day when they were taking my baby sister to the doctor. So now I think that is 10 that have been handed out all together.