Werewolf camp part 4

When we got in to our cabin the werewolf could not get us. We waited till morning then told Jeff that we saw a werewolf he didn’t believe us. But when we Hunter and Sofia they believed us. Once Jack and Amy left Sofia said; “Do you think they know our secret”. “No way” said Hunter;” they saw us as a werewolf they didn’t see us turn in to are human form. “But we can’t let them find out more we have to get rid of them”. “Tonight we will scare them away. The night we scare Amy and Jack away from Howling Moon.”

When everybody went to bed, Sofia and Hunter turned into their werewolf form, but then Amy and Jack heard their footsteps, but not knowing it was Sofia and Hunter as werewolves. They went outside and saw the werewolves. The werewolves started chasing them. They got to the field where they saw the bus. They got on the bus and started to say they needed to leave, but the bus driver was not there. They turned to get off the bus but the werewolves were there.

Jack said, “Let’s go out the back door.” But then the other werewolf was there, too.

They thought there was no way out, but the werewolves were not thinking to look at the windows. So Amy and Jack went out the emergency windows, they pushed it and climbed out. The werewolves thought they were still on the bus, but they weren’t. They were running home.

They didn’t actually make it home, they hid in the bushes because they knew that werewolves would change into their human form when sunlight came. So all Amy and Jack had to do was wait and follow them back to camp.

“It’s going to be morning, ” said Amy.

We saw the sun rising and looked back at the werewolves turn back into their human forms, Sofia and Hunter. We didn’t want them to see us though.

Sofia and Hunter heard Amy and Jack walking and they started to follow. Amy and Jack thought they were alone. Then Sofia said to Hunter,
“Let them go home, we don’t need to do anything to them now. They are leaving.” “OK,” said Hunter, “We’ll leave them alone, but if they come back we’ll get them.”

Amy and Jack were safe…for now.

The End.