The Monster That Hides Under Your Bed

monster dragon medDid you ever think there was something creepy hiding  under your bed? It could be slimy or bumpy. You never know when it might JUMP out at you! It could be small but it is bad news for you if it is big. You might or might not know you have monster under your bed. Never try to see if you have a monster under your bed. Because it might bite!

To be continued …

Werewolf camp part 4

When we got in to our cabin the werewolf could not get us. We waited till morning then told Jeff that we saw a werewolf he didn’t believe us. But when we Hunter and Sofia they believed us. Once Jack and Amy left Sofia said; “Do you think they know our secret”. “No way” said Hunter;” they saw us as a werewolf they didn’t see us turn in to are human form. “But we can’t let them find out more we have to get rid of them”. “Tonight we will scare them away. The night we scare Amy and Jack away from Howling Moon.”

When everybody went to bed, Sofia and Hunter turned into their werewolf form, but then Amy and Jack heard their footsteps, but not knowing it was Sofia and Hunter as werewolves. They went outside and saw the werewolves. The werewolves started chasing them. They got to the field where they saw the bus. They got on the bus and started to say they needed to leave, but the bus driver was not there. They turned to get off the bus but the werewolves were there.

Jack said, “Let’s go out the back door.” But then the other werewolf was there, too.

They thought there was no way out, but the werewolves were not thinking to look at the windows. So Amy and Jack went out the emergency windows, they pushed it and climbed out. The werewolves thought they were still on the bus, but they weren’t. They were running home.

They didn’t actually make it home, they hid in the bushes because they knew that werewolves would change into their human form when sunlight came. So all Amy and Jack had to do was wait and follow them back to camp.

“It’s going to be morning, ” said Amy.

We saw the sun rising and looked back at the werewolves turn back into their human forms, Sofia and Hunter. We didn’t want them to see us though.

Sofia and Hunter heard Amy and Jack walking and they started to follow. Amy and Jack thought they were alone. Then Sofia said to Hunter,
“Let them go home, we don’t need to do anything to them now. They are leaving.” “OK,” said Hunter, “We’ll leave them alone, but if they come back we’ll get them.”

Amy and Jack were safe…for now.

The End.

Werewolf camp part 3

After Jeff frightening everybody we went to our cabin to sleep. The counselor said for everybody to get a good rest.

We got our pajamas on and went to bed.

In the middle of the night we heard noises from like the scary story Jeff told us. We heard thump, thump, thump like footsteps. We looked out the window and saw something just standing there. But then it must have heard us because it ran off into the woods.

Like Charlie, in the scary story Jeff told, we went out to find what it was. We followed the footsteps we saw in the mud. But then the thing that we saw just stopped. Also like Charlie we hid behind a tree, not much of a tree, more like a bush.

The thing was growling like a dog but standing on its hind legs.

“Do you think it’s uh uh werewolf?” asked Jack,

“No way,” said Amy, “That’s just in scary stories.”

The thing howled at the moon.

“Well that says it’s a werewolf,” said Jack.

Amy said “Ok, maybe it is.” And then she backed up and stepped on a twig.

The werewolf heard the snap and started chasing Amy and Jack. Amy and Jack were fast enough to get away and back into their cabin.

Werewolf Camp – Part 2

Amy and Jack asked, “Why are we the only ones here?”

Mr. Kyle said you guys are the only ones here because nobody usually goes to camp at this place.

Amy and Jack sat down at a seat on the bus. The bus ride started really bumpy at first but then it stopped. It stopped bumping but it didn’t stop squiggling. A few minutes after all the bumping and squiggling it got to a smooth straight lane. After the quiet smooth straight lane they got to camp.

They got off the bus and the bus driver told them,  “You see that little straight, narrow lane? Walk in that lane and once you walk for a little bit you’ll see the camp.”

And the bus driver was right, it only took a few seconds to find the camp. They saw the sign for Howling Moon Camp.

So a camp counselor came down and said “Hi, my name is Jeff. I am your camp counselor. You see cabin 14? That will be your cabin to sleep in. So go check it out and put your bags in the cabin.”

Jack and Amy went to their cabin to see what it looked like and like the counselor said to put their bags down they did. The cabin looked kind of messy but it was okay to sleep in. They came out of the cabin and they went back to the counselor to see what they can do now.

Jeff said, “Well, you can go meet some new friends. They are probably at the tennis court or at the playground over there.” When we saw Jeff point we looked where the playground was and it looked kind of small. It had two swings, a slide and a big field to run in.

Amy and Jack went to go look to see if there was any people playing so they could make some new friends. They walked over to two kids and one said “My Name Is Hunter” and the other said “My name is Sofia.”

Amy and Jack said “Hi, what cabin are you in?”

“We’re in cabin 15.”

“Hey, we’re in cabin 14.”

“Cool, now we know that we are neighbors”

Amy and Jack said “What do we do here?”

“Well at night time we tell scary stories at a campfire and roast marshmallows. Right now we’re going to play tag, want to play with us?”

Amy and Jack said sure.

After they were done playing tag it got closer to the time to roast marshmallows and tell scary stories around the campfire.

“Let’s get ready!”

They all sat where the campfire would be and not too much later the counselor came and was surprised to see them ready.

“Yup. We want to be able to roast marshmallows and tell scary stories.”

The counselor told them they first need to find campfire wood.

The counselor went and found some wood and not too much later Jeff put the firewood down. He lit the fire and gave Amy, Jack, Hunter and Sofia some marshmallows and a stick.

“Mmmm good marshmallows,” said Jack.

“Let’s tell scary stories now,” said Sofia.

Jeff said he would start first.

“Ok,” said Hunter.

Jeff started the story. “Campers say that every time they come here, they hear really weird noises. Noises like thump, thwack, thump, thwack, thump and howls. They look outside their windows to see what’s going on but what they see if out of the ordinary. They see something walking in the woods, but they don’t know what it is. This kid named Charlie saw something but he went outside to look what it was. Since he saw it in the woods like a lot of other people he went in the woods and walked and walked. But then the thing he saw moving stopped, so he stopped and hid behind a tree.”

…to be continued

Werewolf camp

Once upon a time there was two kids named Amy and Jack.

Today is the first day of Summer, they just got out of school. Every Summer they go to camp, but this Summer they signed up for a different camp than usual.
The new camps name is Howling Moon. On this morning their Mom said “Okay guys it’s time to get on the bus for camp.” The bus came a little bit after they got to the bus stop.
The bus driver said his name was Mr. Kyle. As they got on the bus they saw they were the only kids there.

To be continued…

The Creepy Scarecrow – Part 3

I ran straight home and I went in my room to think about what he looked like.

But then I decided to go back and see what was going on because I wanted to know what was happening.

When I was there I saw somebody else looking at him, I tried to warn him to be quiet, but he couldn’t hear me.

The scarecrow saw him and ran after him, I ran away. But the other kid didn’t get away. I don’t know what happened to him but I heard a lot of screaming. It sounded really bad.


Today in the newspaper it said other people heard the screaming from the night before. I guess people called into the newspaper people.

Also I went back to see if the scarecrow was sleeping or not, but he wasn’t. He was nowhere to be seen, but I did see the pumpkin head and his clothes that he had been wearing the night before.

I’m guessing he only had two days to live. But beware because the scarecrow will be back next year and if you see him tell me.

The creepy scarecrow – Part I

This might be the scariest ghost story you have ever read.

Here in Bear, Delaware, people say every Halloween they see something creeping in the dark. They don’t know what it is…only I do.

If you want to know what it is I’ll tell you, so keep reading.

It is the creepy scarecrow.

It only comes out in the dark because if it comes out in the sun it burns up into little pieces. And the only way you can see it without getting hurt is if you hide and look…in the dark.

To be continued…