Werewolf camp part 3

After Jeff frightening everybody we went to our cabin to sleep. The counselor said for everybody to get a good rest.

We got our pajamas on and went to bed.

In the middle of the night we heard noises from like the scary story Jeff told us. We heard thump, thump, thump like footsteps. We looked out the window and saw something just standing there. But then it must have heard us because it ran off into the woods.

Like Charlie, in the scary story Jeff told, we went out to find what it was. We followed the footsteps we saw in the mud. But then the thing that we saw just stopped. Also like Charlie we hid behind a tree, not much of a tree, more like a bush.

The thing was growling like a dog but standing on its hind legs.

“Do you think it’s uh uh werewolf?” asked Jack,

“No way,” said Amy, “That’s just in scary stories.”

The thing howled at the moon.

“Well that says it’s a werewolf,” said Jack.

Amy said “Ok, maybe it is.” And then she backed up and stepped on a twig.

The werewolf heard the snap and started chasing Amy and Jack. Amy and Jack were fast enough to get away and back into their cabin.

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