The Creepy Scarecrow – Part 3

I ran straight home and I went in my room to think about what he looked like.

But then I decided to go back and see what was going on because I wanted to know what was happening.

When I was there I saw somebody else looking at him, I tried to warn him to be quiet, but he couldn’t hear me.

The scarecrow saw him and ran after him, I ran away. But the other kid didn’t get away. I don’t know what happened to him but I heard a lot of screaming. It sounded really bad.


Today in the newspaper it said other people heard the screaming from the night before. I guess people called into the newspaper people.

Also I went back to see if the scarecrow was sleeping or not, but he wasn’t. He was nowhere to be seen, but I did see the pumpkin head and his clothes that he had been wearing the night before.

I’m guessing he only had two days to live. But beware because the scarecrow will be back next year and if you see him tell me.

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