People helping me, helping people

heroWow, wow! I have a lot to say, I bet you are not surprised.

Well one things is I received another grant this time from the Start A Snowball Organization who “a non-profit organization committed to empowering kids to engage in philanthropy.” So a few weeks ago I asked my Mom what does Philanthropy mean? Because I see that word a lot on people I follow through twitter. And she told me it means giving and sharing of yourself and your ideas to help other people. So that is what that means.

And then I found out I was nominated for the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn Kernels of Kindness Award by a fan of mine who follows me through my Facebook page! Wow and thank you! JOLLY TIME is awarding 1,000 dollar grants to people who do good in their communities and the winners will be announced in late July.

And then I got a really cool award from “Kids Are Heroes” that certifies I am a hero because of my selfless generosity. Which made me think of philanthropy and so now I understand better. So Kids Are Heroes gave me an award and talked about me on social media and then invited me to their Young Leaders Summit at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia on February 7, 2015. And I will get to speak to the people who attend and also share information about Brae’s Brown Bags! I have never been to Georgia! I have been to a leadership summit before but I didn’t get a chance to speak at it and so that will be exciting.

photo 4Before lunch today my Mom and I went to the Newark Empowerment Center on Main Street in Newark to drop off some of our Brae’s Brown Bags to their group. They were very happy to see me and I was happy to see them still helping people, too!

Meeting at UDThen this afternoon I got to meet Mr. Richard Rind, Ms. Sue Bogan and Ms. Lynn McDowell from the University of Delaware. Plus Bryan Gordan who works at Legislative Hall attended along with Senator Bethany Hall-Long and so we met and I shared a presentation with them and talked with them about some ideas I have for the University of Delaware. Really I just want to do whatever I can to help homeless people have more access to food. I think we’re going to be working with the Food Bank of Delaware. Nothing has been finalized but a lot has been talked about. There is a possible “Pilot” project in the works for the UD campus which I am VERY excited about. I hope I get to meet with everyone again soon and keep this ball rolling!

School is out for the Summer and now I’m all done 4th grade! Something tells me I will be keeping busy until 5th grades starts though.

As snow is preparing to hit DE again, more 3B bags are delivered

Today my Mom brought 21 bags to the Newark Empowerment Center because there will be three code purple days coming up here in Delaware and possibly even another foot of snow! We will try to get out for more supplies as soon as we can but we do what we can.

Last week, on Thursday, I dropped off 20 bags to the St. Thomas Episcopal Church. When we got there some other people were there to help out. A lady brought in extra toiletry items and I added them to my bags. They said they would hand out the bags in the morning before everyone left the shelter.

These two deliveries have brought the tally to 798 bags since July 2013. Not bad! I really want to be able to keep up this pace.

I also just got off the phone with Nicole Sullivan. She is a student at the University of Delaware and she is writing an article about Brae’s Brown bags for a class she is taking. We tried to Skype and I learned I need a better web cam! Thank you Nicole for talking with me it was nice to “meet” you!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone

necSignYesterday, we brought 23 bags to the Newark Empowerment Center on Main Street in Newark, Delaware. They were feeding people when we got there. They had books and food items and things like that in the hall ways for people to take. People will also get to take my 3B bags if they would like.

Then today, which is Christmas Eve, we saw a man holding a sign that said he was homeless and hungry. He didn’t have a coat on. We didn’t have a brown bag ready in the car so my Mom drove me home and we made a bag real quickly and we put healthy snacks, water and gloves in the bag. We drove back out to where we saw the man and gave it to him. He put the gloves on.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone from me and my family to yours. Be sure to pack up your own Brae’s Brown Bag to have in your car while you travel this holiday.