Merry Christmas Eve everyone

necSignYesterday, we brought 23 bags to the Newark Empowerment Center on Main Street in Newark, Delaware. They were feeding people when we got there. They had books and food items and things like that in the hall ways for people to take. People will also get to take my 3B bags if they would like.

Then today, which is Christmas Eve, we saw a man holding a sign that said he was homeless and hungry. He didn’t have a coat on. We didn’t have a brown bag ready in the car so my Mom drove me home and we made a bag real quickly and we put healthy snacks, water and gloves in the bag. We drove back out to where we saw the man and gave it to him. He put the gloves on.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone from me and my family to yours. Be sure to pack up your own Brae’s Brown Bag to have in your car while you travel this holiday.

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