Remember to give even after the holidays

My family and I will be packing bags for two upcoming events for the next week. We will have our first stop at the Newark Empowerment Center on Monday 12/23 and our monthly stop to the Emmanuel Dining Room on Saturday, December 28th. For those of you out there who have some extra to give please know that even after the holidays have passed there are still many people in need. You can help by donating to 3B, by making your own 3B bags for people or by donating directly to your local food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

My school district included a little bit about my recent delivery to my elementary school in their newsletter they sent out to everyone. I thought I would share what they wrote because it was nice of them.


Today is my last day of school for 2013! School is cool and all but I’m really happy to have a break for a little while!

Merry Christmas to you and Happy Everything!

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