hello2017While Braeden and I ended 2016 with the flu and pneumonia, we were able to begin 2017 feeling MUCH better and hopeful for a bright new year. Braeden tweeted on New Years saying, “This year let your light shine! Make the choice to believe that 2017 is going to be amazing.” I absolutely love that sentiment. Way to go, Brae!


Finn, Amelia and Tom Parkins from Calvary Baptist

My other two kids, Finn and Amelia, were able to help me deliver 3B bags to Calvary Baptist Church on Christmas Eve which has become an annual Christmas tradition for us since we started 3B. We provided bags for all of the homeless guests who partook in their Christmas Eve festivities. Thanks to my Aunt Mares we were also able to provide hats, scarves and gloves.

While Brae was sick my sweet Finn really stepped up. At first he didn’t want to leave his Google Santa Tracker, but when I explained that tracking the houses Santa stops at is fun to do. but not everyone has a house. So for those people we get to be Santa! He put on his Santa hat immediately and was ready to go!

It feels so good to be able to play Santa every now and then.


One of the photos of some fantastic kids at MOT Charter (other photos are on our Facebook page)

MOT Charter invited Braeden to speak to the 2nd and 3rd graders a few days before Christmas (when he was still healthy). We are absolutely amazed and humbled to report they packed 426 bags! They also donated a car load of books and healthy snacks for us to use in making additional bags.


The Power Of One

When we initially walked into the school one of the first things we saw was a showcase that featured Braeden! Of course I had him stand near it so I could take a picture, but honestly, normally you see trophies in cases like this and to see 3B featured felt pretty incredible. The showcase was titled “The Power of One” and it inside were pictures of Brae’s last visit to MOT Charter as well as quotes printed out from Brae’s talk. It definitely helped both of us to feel even more inspired that day. And to see  all the great work MOT Charter has done in helping to provide healthy food to those in need in their community via Our Daily Bread and with help from the Jefferson Awards Foundation.

Less than a week prior to the MOT Charter visit we received word that our 3B Ripple at Caravel Academy packed 131 bags! We were able to use some of those bags on Christmas Eve for those in need!


3B Ripple – Caravel Cares Club (3C)

The generosity and compassion I see in these young students overwhelms me with joy. I know it means a great deal to Braeden as well. When he is invited to speak at a school he is always very excited to hear that the kids will ask him after his talk. And as his Mom, I love being able to see him interact with youth and empower them to be involved in what he is doing, but also to dream big with their own ideas on how they can help their community.

So we hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We also wish you a new year filled with happiness, love and laughter. Be the light in the world, be the change!

– Christy, Brae’s Mom

Merry Christmas Eve everyone

necSignYesterday, we brought 23 bags to the Newark Empowerment Center on Main Street in Newark, Delaware. They were feeding people when we got there. They had books and food items and things like that in the hall ways for people to take. People will also get to take my 3B bags if they would like.

Then today, which is Christmas Eve, we saw a man holding a sign that said he was homeless and hungry. He didn’t have a coat on. We didn’t have a brown bag ready in the car so my Mom drove me home and we made a bag real quickly and we put healthy snacks, water and gloves in the bag. We drove back out to where we saw the man and gave it to him. He put the gloves on.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone from me and my family to yours. Be sure to pack up your own Brae’s Brown Bag to have in your car while you travel this holiday.

Remember to give even after the holidays

My family and I will be packing bags for two upcoming events for the next week. We will have our first stop at the Newark Empowerment Center on Monday 12/23 and our monthly stop to the Emmanuel Dining Room on Saturday, December 28th. For those of you out there who have some extra to give please know that even after the holidays have passed there are still many people in need. You can help by donating to 3B, by making your own 3B bags for people or by donating directly to your local food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

My school district included a little bit about my recent delivery to my elementary school in their newsletter they sent out to everyone. I thought I would share what they wrote because it was nice of them.


Today is my last day of school for 2013! School is cool and all but I’m really happy to have a break for a little while!

Merry Christmas to you and Happy Everything!