Winning Delaware Recipe for Healthy Lunchtime Challenge

braeden-mannering-tortilla-recipeYes, yes I know I forgot to tell you about the actual recipe that made me be able to go to The White House.

It’s a taco bowl, well, I called it the Tortilla Bowl Deluxe.

I really like tacos but they don’t hold much and they are really messy. So if you use a taco bowl then you can make it yourself and it will hold more. To make a recipe that kids would like to eat at lunch I wanted it to be fun. It’s also colorful because I used a lot of different color vegetables.

DE-Tortilla-Bowl-Deluxe 1So first you need grilled chicken strips. I can’t have things with too much spices because it will upset my stomach. I have a fructose and lactose intolerance and tummy problems. So my chicken is just salt, pepper and lemon juice. So chicken strips and then you add diced tomatoes (I can only eat tomatoes in moderation so I can’t have many in my bowl), orange sweet pepper diced, avocado diced and sprinkled with grated Monterrey jack cheese (Lactose free). You can add salt and pepper if you want. Then on the side you should have fruit because that means you have had all the food groups on the My Plate. I chose pineapples and cantaloupe. I can’t have grapes and watermelon because they have too much fructose but I really wish I could have them, too.

So that is the recipe that helps me to in the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.

Official Tortilla Bowl Deluxe Recipe link.

For the complete 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Cookbook, click here.

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