I had a good weekend

braeden-balanceOn Saturday my Mom and I spoke with a freelance writer. His name is Ken and he is writing an article about me, The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Brae’s Brown Bags. When I see it I will share it with everyone. I also answered questions for Amy and she writes for KidsHealth.org.

But I also got to just have fun this weekend and go swimming. I like to try and stand on the boogie boards in the pool. It’s not easy to balance.

We watched a movie and had popcorn on Friday, too. We watched Hotel Transylvania and I think it’s a really cool movie.

I want to write a kids story on my blog. I am going to try to start one soon, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “I had a good weekend

  1. So exciting for you and I’m glad you had a good weekend…Aunt Kristin and Uncle Ben are here and we are all waiting for you all to come to the beach…Can’t wait to see you guys…Love ya

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