My first board meeting

On Tuesday, September 10th I went to my first board meeting. It was for the Christina School District. A lady named Wendy Lapham invited me and she also introduced me. Her introduction was really nice. She even talked about this blog and Brae’s Brown Bags. I liked being able to shake hands of the board members.

Award received at the Christina School District board meeting
Award received at the Christina School District board meeting
They gave me this award, it’s like a plaque made of wood and with metal on it. It says my name and what I was being honored for which was the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.

My principal and assistant principal attended the board meeting. Principal Speir says that on October 16th the entire school (Keene Elementary School) will be served my winning recipe the Tortilla Bowl Deluxe. I thought I would have to cook them all but the cafeteria is going to do that thank goodness!


Hi everyone, this is Braeden’s Mom writing now, I just have one quick message. Braeden and I are working on applying for some grants to help Brae’s Brown Bags get off the ground with a bit more momentum. We have found most grants require reporting and data to show how Braeden is interacting with the community and how he will continue to spread the word. We have created a Facebook Page for Brae’s Brown Bags and this will help us to say how many people we are reaching and interacting with at least in that respect. Plus it is a good learning experience for Braeden.

So if you are a fan of the 3B Project I encourage you to “LIKE” his page and share it with your friends.


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