Spring has sprung and there’s much going on

First group of runners RACE AGAINST HUNGER
First group of runners RACE AGAINST HUNGER

I’m trying to remember everything I have been doing so I can tell you all about it. I hosted something called a Race Against Hunger for the 4th graders at Keene Elementary School in the Christina School District on Friday, April 11, 2014. One of the enrichment teachers, Mrs. Utterson, helped me with it, thank goodness for her being so supportive. My art teacher, Mr. Graham provided supplies so I could make posters with some of my friends for the race. I wish more of the grown ups at the school had helped out or come out to see us run. It really did end up being a perfect day. No rain and very warm. My Mom said she did a reverse rain dance. It worked!

We’re closing fundraising for the Race Against Hunger this week but so far we have raised $500 and the money will go to Action Against Hunger USA.

5kSo one thing I forgot to talk about was that I had another bag packing event with my friends in Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Delaware. It was the same weekend as my Mom’s birthday back in March. We packed something like 300 bags! I took 100 of them home to give out and they kept the remaining bags for the upcoming 5K they are hosting to benefit Brae’s Brown Bags. Definitely sign up to race with me for 3B on Sunday, April 27th.

Handed out 3B bags at the Emmanuel Dining Room
Handed out 3B bags at the Emmanuel Dining Room

This past Sunday my Mom and my Dad took me to the Emmanuel Dining Room and we handed out 100 bags to the people who came to eat lunch at the soup kitchen. We decided to have 10 of those bags be for kids and the kids really liked the Spring activity booklet. I got those booklets from Mrs. Christine Sweeney as a donation. Thank you!

Today my 3B Facebook page went over 1,000 fans! It’s crazy! Thank you to everyone who encourages and supports me and the work I’m doing with 3B. I couldn’t do it without Y-O-U!

Plus tonight Reverend Paul Mast is coming to my house to interview me for a book he is writing. He said he was impressed with what I am doing and heard about me through the 2014 Governor’s Award for Youth Service. I’ve done interviews before but never for a book!

On top of the stuff I’m going with 3B I also started playing flag football at the YMCA in Bear. We haven’t done too much yet but I really like it. It’s fun to play and also fun to make new friends.


It’s that magical time of year

photo 2Today I brought 40 Brae’s Brown Bags to my school. They will be given to the Christina School District for families in need. I wanted to do something special because it’s the holiday season so I added holiday themed pencils and silver glittery snowflake ornaments to all of the bags. There is glitter all over our floor at home now. It is everywhere! Each bag also had a children’s book in it for different ages. So that meant we put a small sticker on the outside of each bag so that you know what age group the book would be best for before giving out the bag.

This morning I also opened a piece of mail that was addressed to me from The White House!

Can you guess what was inside it!?

077A CHRISTMAS CARD. Yes, a Christmas card from the President of the United States. When I opened it there was a super cool pop-up of the White House and it was signed by the President and his whole family; even the dogs.

I put the card in a ziploc bag and brought it to school. The ladies in the office took a picture of me with it. My Mom tried to take a picture with her phone but it is hard to see the card. Once we get a good photo I will post it for you. It’s really cool!


Oh and tonight was also my winter concert at school. I decided to join chorus this year and I am having fun. We made “Let Is Snow” sound jazzy! We even sang the song from the Home Alone movie and at the end we all put are hands on our faces like Kevin did in the movie and screamed. It was funny.

Today is National World Hunger Day

Me and the cafeteria staff at Keene Elementary

Did you know October 16 is World Food Day or sometimes called World Hunger Day?

My school, Keene Elementary School, did something extra special today and I think it is really perfect that it happened on World Hunger Day.

They served my 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge award winning recipe to all the people in my school.

Everyone had the choice to eat the Tortilla Bowl Deluxe dish today. Of course it was very yummy!

My art teach made a chef’s hat for me. The staples pulled my hair but it looked fun for pictures. My Mom says she will get me my own chef’s hat.


How are you celebrating World Hunger Day?

One way you can help would be to donate items or money to my 3B: Brae’s Brown Bag project.

We are always looking for donations of water bottles and healthy non-perishable snack items.

It’s exciting to know we have handed out 248 bags to people in need over the last few months. That is 248 less people who went hungry for a period of time and they were given healthy things to eat which is good.

Thank you to my school for making this day special.

I hope all of you reading this take the time to help out today and every day to end world hunger.

My first board meeting

On Tuesday, September 10th I went to my first board meeting. It was for the Christina School District. A lady named Wendy Lapham invited me and she also introduced me. Her introduction was really nice. She even talked about this blog and Brae’s Brown Bags. I liked being able to shake hands of the board members.

Award received at the Christina School District board meeting
Award received at the Christina School District board meeting
They gave me this award, it’s like a plaque made of wood and with metal on it. It says my name and what I was being honored for which was the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.

My principal and assistant principal attended the board meeting. Principal Speir says that on October 16th the entire school (Keene Elementary School) will be served my winning recipe the Tortilla Bowl Deluxe. I thought I would have to cook them all but the cafeteria is going to do that thank goodness!


Hi everyone, this is Braeden’s Mom writing now, I just have one quick message. Braeden and I are working on applying for some grants to help Brae’s Brown Bags get off the ground with a bit more momentum. We have found most grants require reporting and data to show how Braeden is interacting with the community and how he will continue to spread the word. We have created a Facebook Page for Brae’s Brown Bags and this will help us to say how many people we are reaching and interacting with at least in that respect. Plus it is a good learning experience for Braeden.

So if you are a fan of the 3B Project I encourage you to “LIKE” his page and share it with your friends.