Today is National World Hunger Day

Me and the cafeteria staff at Keene Elementary

Did you know October 16 is World Food Day or sometimes called World Hunger Day?

My school, Keene Elementary School, did something extra special today and I think it is really perfect that it happened on World Hunger Day.

They served my 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge award winning recipe to all the people in my school.

Everyone had the choice to eat the Tortilla Bowl Deluxe dish today. Of course it was very yummy!

My art teach made a chef’s hat for me. The staples pulled my hair but it looked fun for pictures. My Mom says she will get me my own chef’s hat.


How are you celebrating World Hunger Day?

One way you can help would be to donate items or money to my 3B: Brae’s Brown Bag project.

We are always looking for donations of water bottles and healthy non-perishable snack items.

It’s exciting to know we have handed out 248 bags to people in need over the last few months. That is 248 less people who went hungry for a period of time and they were given healthy things to eat which is good.

Thank you to my school for making this day special.

I hope all of you reading this take the time to help out today and every day to end world hunger.

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  1. I am so excited that Keene Elementary served your winning recipe, Tortilla Bowl Deluxe, for lunch today in the cafeteria! What an honor for you, Buddy! So very PROUD of the amazing person that you are!

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