3B: A visit to Emmanuel Dining Room and a brand new grant

February 2014 EDROn Sunday, February 23, 2014 I went to the Emmanuel Dining Room again. There was a lot of people and I ran out of 60 bags that I made in 15 minutes. Of the 60 bags I had packed 10 child bags, the other 50 bags were the regular 3B bag. This time the child bags had books AND some activity pads, pencils and small toys (like teddy bears and little race cars) thanks to donations we had received.

There is also some very exciting news I would like to share.

sodexofoundationToday I found out my application was accepted and considered to be “one of the best” for a grant from the YSA (Youth Service America) and Sodexo Foundation. Late last year my Mom helped me apply for this grant. Today in an email I was told I will be one of the winners receiving a grant.

The Sodexo Foundation Youth Grants, offered funding of up to $500 for youth to lead projects focused on ending childhood hunger in their communities. It is very excited to find out that 3B Brae’s Brown Bags Foundation made the cut!

Stay tuned for even more very cool news coming soon!

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