LEAD 360 Jefferson Awards BIG ideas social voting

UPDATE: Another voting day has been added. Vote on February 15!

The 3B Ripples Program has been accepted and chosen as one of the Top 15 LEAD360 Challenge projects for the Jefferson Awards Foundation. The top 3 projects will get activated on a national level which will help me to really make my dream come true of expanding Brae’s Brown Bags across the nation by getting kids everywhere involved in 3B Ripples!

Mom says we are each a pebble. And each of our pebbles can make a ripple. Together I really believe we can make a tidal wave.


And one of the coolest things is that Delaware, which is where I am from, we have 5 of the top 15.

Go Delaware!

Hunger and Poverty: Braeden Mannering-The 3B Ripples, Sarah Shoup-Knights Pantry
Health and Wellness: The Jefferson School-Care For Our Vets, Gallaher Elementary- School Recycling
Peace and Justice: Chase Marvil- The Inspiring Project

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