Penn Culinary is our 5th 3B Ripple

12654496_1046771198699946_4219513241783017837_nI’m sorry, I have been wanting to write about the 3B Ripple student chapter at William Penn for weeks now and it keeps getting away from me.

I spoke with two of Mr. Poole’s culinary classes at William Penn on January 29. I told them about what I have been doing with Brae’s Brown Bags and why it is important to be involved not only in hunger relief but also just to be involved in service in general. My mom and me were given a tour of the kitchen attached to their classroom and it is like something you would see on the Food Network. The culinary program at William Penn is really just pretty amazing and I’m very impressed. I’m also impressed because Mr. Poole wants his students to be involved in philathropy which is how I met him. I met Mr. Poole on National Philanthropy Day. He sat and offered his help to me and my Mom right away. He told us about The Crop Foundation and he right away offered to help with delivering bags to those in need. I mean it really could not have gone any better.


Oh and every school should have a Penn Bistro. YUM!

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