Penn Culinary is our 5th 3B Ripple

12654496_1046771198699946_4219513241783017837_nI’m sorry, I have been wanting to write about the 3B Ripple student chapter at William Penn for weeks now and it keeps getting away from me.

I spoke with two of Mr. Poole’s culinary classes at William Penn on January 29. I told them about what I have been doing with Brae’s Brown Bags and why it is important to be involved not only in hunger relief but also just to be involved in service in general. My mom and me were given a tour of the kitchen attached to their classroom and it is like something you would see on the Food Network. The culinary program at William Penn is really just pretty amazing and I’m very impressed. I’m also impressed because Mr. Poole wants his students to be involved in philathropy which is how I met him. I met Mr. Poole on National Philanthropy Day. He sat and offered his help to me and my Mom right away. He told us about The Crop Foundation and he right away offered to help with delivering bags to those in need. I mean it really could not have gone any better.


Oh and every school should have a Penn Bistro. YUM!

LEAD 360 Jefferson Awards BIG ideas social voting

UPDATE: Another voting day has been added. Vote on February 15!

The 3B Ripples Program has been accepted and chosen as one of the Top 15 LEAD360 Challenge projects for the Jefferson Awards Foundation. The top 3 projects will get activated on a national level which will help me to really make my dream come true of expanding Brae’s Brown Bags across the nation by getting kids everywhere involved in 3B Ripples!

Mom says we are each a pebble. And each of our pebbles can make a ripple. Together I really believe we can make a tidal wave.


And one of the coolest things is that Delaware, which is where I am from, we have 5 of the top 15.

Go Delaware!

Hunger and Poverty: Braeden Mannering-The 3B Ripples, Sarah Shoup-Knights Pantry
Health and Wellness: The Jefferson School-Care For Our Vets, Gallaher Elementary- School Recycling
Peace and Justice: Chase Marvil- The Inspiring Project

Kirk Cougars Care 3B Ripple Update

3b-thankyouWe received word yesterday that our first 3B Ripple Student Chapter, Kirk Cougars Care, has been busy working to collect food for families for Thanksgiving!

In an email from the club mentor, Mrs. Jackie Kook, she let us know this about their 3B Ripple chapter, “On Wednesday the Food Bank picked up their first donation, which totaled 218 pounds of food items, including 3 frozen turkeys! Then on Thursday, Mr. Trego’s Technology classes made a donation that totaled 530 pounds, giving us a grand total of 748 pounds of food items donated!!”

We are so very thankful for Kirk Cougars Care at Kirk Middle School!!! Hooray! *Round of applause*

To apply to start your own 3B Ripple Student Chapter click here.

Roundtrip in less than 48 hours

Braeden Mannering speaking to school in Port Charlotte, FloridaBraeden and I went to Port Charlotte, Florida a few days ago after being invited to come down and talk. Well, I should specify, Braeden was invited, I’m just his official PR and well, his Mom.

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School reached out last year to see if Braeden could come out to talk to their students. We were finally able to make it down there for a talk on October 2nd. The staff and students at the school are wonderful people. Their hospitality and generosity were over the top and I am so grateful to have been able to meet them.

Principal Tonya Peters and Father John Fitch were very welcoming along with many other school and mission staff members including the lovely Rosemary and Elma. The teachers and students surprised us with a donation to 3B AND a birthday cake for Braeden since he will be having a birthday soon. Braeden was able to tour the school and he ultimately said he wished he could move there and attend the school after only spending a few hours with them.

We had dinner with a family on the harbor at Laishley Crab House. Oliver, Louisa and their son, 7th grader Lowell, were so wonderful. We had a great time walking around with them after dinner. They showed up some attractions and then took us for ice cream laser tag and go-carts. Braeden and Lowell had a great time together. I enjoyed taking it all in and getting to know our new friends.

We are excited to be able to extend the 3B Ripples Student Chapter program down to this school. Knowing that food insecurity is a major issue in Florida we know that Brae’s Brown Bags can definitely be of service to their community in Port Charlotte and the surrounding area.

DSC_0164We flew back to Delaware Saturday afternoon and were able to rest for the evening. Then we went to the 5K / Health Fair hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society for Vascular Nursing. Brae’s Brown Bags was a sponsor for the event. Braeden, my Mom (Gram) and Finnegan decided to participate in the 5K. My Mom and Braeden both received 2nd place in their age groups.

Our intern Gabby, and her boyfriend Felix, joined us for the event and helped spread the word about 3B among the other vendors. The weather was blustery to say the least but we still made the best of it.

Coming up, Brae will be speaking at Kirk Middle School on October 19th for something that could end up being pretty awesome involving a film crew. Kirk Middle School was our first official 3B Ripple so we’re pretty excited about being able to join them and talk with their students.

More photos to come…

Kirk Cougars Care – Our first 3B Ripples Student Chapter

kirk middle schoolWe have recruited our first 3B Ripples Student Chapter! Many, many thanks to Kirk Middle School of the Christina School District and to Jackie Kook who has applied as a mentor to start a 3B Ripple Student Chapter.

Their chapter will follow 3B guidelines, but their chapter, Kirk Cougars Care, will be able to choose where to deliver their 3B bags and how they will get students involved. They will report back to 3B a couple times throughout the school year to let us know how they are doing. We’re super excited!

This isn’t the first great thing Kirk has done for their community. Ms. Kook shared “We have started a school garden program to provide fresh produce for the Delaware Food Bank. We also have held supply donation drives and other activities across many disciplines to raise awareness of and benefit people in need.” She says 3B Ripples fits right in with helping to educate students about food security.

Braeden is hopeful he will be able to meet the students and talk with them. We have prepared a starter kit AND this chapter qualifies for financial assistance to help get them started. 3B will be granting the Kirk Cougars Care student chapter with a small seed fund, $50, to get the ball rolling.

Way to go, Kirk Middle School! We can’t wait to work with you.