It’s that magical time of year

photo 2Today I brought 40 Brae’s Brown Bags to my school. They will be given to the Christina School District for families in need. I wanted to do something special because it’s the holiday season so I added holiday themed pencils and silver glittery snowflake ornaments to all of the bags. There is glitter all over our floor at home now. It is everywhere! Each bag also had a children’s book in it for different ages. So that meant we put a small sticker on the outside of each bag so that you know what age group the book would be best for before giving out the bag.

This morning I also opened a piece of mail that was addressed to me from The White House!

Can you guess what was inside it!?

077A CHRISTMAS CARD. Yes, a Christmas card from the President of the United States. When I opened it there was a super cool pop-up of the White House and it was signed by the President and his whole family; even the dogs.

I put the card in a ziploc bag and brought it to school. The ladies in the office took a picture of me with it. My Mom tried to take a picture with her phone but it is hard to see the card. Once we get a good photo I will post it for you. It’s really cool!


Oh and tonight was also my winter concert at school. I decided to join chorus this year and I am having fun. We made “Let Is Snow” sound jazzy! We even sang the song from the Home Alone movie and at the end we all put are hands on our faces like Kevin did in the movie and screamed. It was funny.

Thanksgiving Bags for the Christina School District

brae-3b-schoolThis morning my Mom and I brought 3B bags to Keene Elementary School to be picked up by a member of the Christina School District. We brought 32 bags and they all had healthy snacks and water but they were also the first children bags we have made and delivered. Each bag had a book and a message to the person to let them know how important it is to read. I mean what kid doesn’t like to snack and read, right?

Thankfully Mr. Jack was in the parking lot when we pulled in and so he carried a box and my Mom and I also carried a box. We left them in the main office. My principal was there and thought it was a really great idea. She said when Mrs. Lavina Smith comes to pick them up that they would call me to the office to meet her and show her the bags.

We will be delivering bags before the December holidays as well. I hope to be able to bring 40 or more bags at that time.

Knowing that I am helping kids in my school district is a really good feeling. I hope they all have a very happy Thanksgiving.

My first board meeting

On Tuesday, September 10th I went to my first board meeting. It was for the Christina School District. A lady named Wendy Lapham invited me and she also introduced me. Her introduction was really nice. She even talked about this blog and Brae’s Brown Bags. I liked being able to shake hands of the board members.

Award received at the Christina School District board meeting
Award received at the Christina School District board meeting
They gave me this award, it’s like a plaque made of wood and with metal on it. It says my name and what I was being honored for which was the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.

My principal and assistant principal attended the board meeting. Principal Speir says that on October 16th the entire school (Keene Elementary School) will be served my winning recipe the Tortilla Bowl Deluxe. I thought I would have to cook them all but the cafeteria is going to do that thank goodness!


Hi everyone, this is Braeden’s Mom writing now, I just have one quick message. Braeden and I are working on applying for some grants to help Brae’s Brown Bags get off the ground with a bit more momentum. We have found most grants require reporting and data to show how Braeden is interacting with the community and how he will continue to spread the word. We have created a Facebook Page for Brae’s Brown Bags and this will help us to say how many people we are reaching and interacting with at least in that respect. Plus it is a good learning experience for Braeden.

So if you are a fan of the 3B Project I encourage you to “LIKE” his page and share it with your friends.


Some news, plus info about No Kid Hungry

Some quick updates and things.

Today Elena from the Newark Post is calling to talk to me and my Mom. She’s going to write about my trip to the White House for the 2013 Kids’ State Dinner. I hope I can tell her about Brae’s Brown Bags, also.

Tomorrow I am going to the Christina School District Board Meeting as an honoree. They are going to talk about my trip and about 3B. I have never been to a board meeting.

My next Emmanuel Dining Room event has been set up. I hope to make more than 60 bags this time. I am going to hand out the bags on Sunday, October 6th.


Also, did you know September is “No Kid Hungry” month. The color for support is orange. I found out about this on Twitter. One in five kids in the US will go hungry today. That is a lot. That means maybe 5 kids in my classroom will not have something to eat. It makes me feel sad.

Find out more at the No Kid Hungry website,